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How to Choose a Window Specialist for Your Home

By VictoriaH, published on Mar 8, 2014

In order to best choose a window specialist, you must first understand a bit about the process of installation and precisely how windows can affect your home’s security as well as energy bills. There are far too many window specialists in the industry that will feature extensive discounts that will ultimately cost you more money in the future.

With a vast array of firms that specialize in accreditation now, it has become a lot easier to make an informed decision. Many consumers have found protection with Energy Star labeled products that will protect your home from both heat and air... (more)

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Karma Meets Destiny

By D. Sager, published on Oct 11, 2013

...especially in judgment. My quarrel is not with Them, its with you Karma. I call the courts of heaven to bear witness that you've take much more than what is necessary. What do you want me to do with all this emptiness you've left behind? The cupboard doors swing in the breeze from open windows, signs that you left me with nothing to build on. I've something for you Karma, she is quite the beautiful creature and tells me that no matter what you did, she'll stay with me. You know her I believe, her name is Destiny.

I'm going to make love to her and in that cold place you left, ... (more)

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