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Listen To The Wind

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jan 27, 2013

... petals fall

Sprouting into a new spring

Manifesting a new peace...

Step upon this river

Which is frozen now

Breath deeply inhaling

Conscious realization

You will find me there

Bathed in your heartbeats

Do you hear me?...

The wind carries my kisses

Upon your eyes they rest

The sun awakens shining down

Birds singing the last song

I sang into your heart's longing

In balance, my hands

Holding you safely upright...

Persevering years of knowledge

Attached with strings... (more)

Tags: life, truth, birds, sorrow, joy, song, wind, existence, river

Hurricane Sandy has turned NY/NJ upside-down.

By Lartinos, published on Nov 1, 2012

A lot of people are detached from the world and taking cold showers while their basements are filled with mud and worse as many people are smelling and seeing oil as well. People are getting in fights at gas stations over who is next, as human emotion is getting the best of people. Very chaotic time in NY/NJ, many people lost their cars from this storm as they just floated away. I saw a report that the subways could be partially back tomorrow, but some are still under water still right now. As I look in the East River right now it has been high tide for days in a row here. Hopefully it goes... (more)

Tags: new york, nyc, bloomberg, new jersey, news, water, hurricane, storm, wind, flood, sandy, irene, christie

The Fall - The abyss calls my name

By D. Sager, published on Mar 17, 2012 no bottom, no end. I throw up ropes hoping they catch on ledges of sanity as I slip past in a free fall. There is no reason, no understanding of this mystery, and still I fall. Controlling my fall is a crazy act of futility. I spin, float, and turn. Why? When I see her, my soul feels the wind of my descent. This is a good thing? I stood on the solid ground once. I don't recall being happy in that place. Spinning out of control, I find contentment in the fact that I will hit bottom one day. This hole will kill me. Does it wish me to be slain at its feet? Still I fall. I watch the... (more)

Tags: mystery, lover, security, reason, wind, bottom, end, dark, crazy, abyss, descent, futility, hole, plunge, slain, solid


By D. Sager, published on Jan 3, 2012,

hoping to revive her before she passed on to the light.

No shock on earth could ever start that heart again,

growing cold as stone before my eyes.

The hardness creeps in like darkness at sunset,

first intriguing and beautiful, but then, a cold wind

blows from the darkness, night is coming.

One last chance I gave love, I started a fire in her,

using all the dead life I had in me as fuel.

Nevertheless, she refused to breathe.

Now I feel her life ebbing from my soul.

Her presence evaporating... (more)

Tags: love, darkness, cold, wind, sunset, stone

The Wind

By D. Sager, published on Jan 2, 2012

I could feel the strength of the wind.

Fresh, dark, mystical wind.

On the shadow side of the steep mountains,

clouds hovering, the wind teasing,

making smoke tails.

Strange feeling, exhilarating yet,

peaceful, almost entrancing,

the wind in my hair.

Smells, fresh, moist, sounds of a tree,

a falling comrade in the green forest,

all carried by the wind.

How is it that I fit in this mystery?

How is it this wind takes me?

Like a seed carried away from my past, by ever-present

but constantly changing... (more)

Tags: positive thinking, future, change, mountains, wind, tree

She Sings

By D. Sager, published on Dec 26, 2011

You can't hold her, never in your arms

Hearing her singing in the trees, their leaves rustling her name

Now you want her, feeling her desire

Now you long for her, feeling her power

Now you look for her, hour after hour

Hearing her singing in the wind, the breeze whispering her name

You know she will fool you, she will give you great pleasure

You know she will hurt you, she will give you great escape

You know she will lie to you, she will give you great fantasy

Hearing her singing in the storm, the thunder... (more)

Tags: love, storm, thunder, wind, singing, leaves, whispering

When You Whisper

By Betty B., published on Dec 15, 2011

When you whisper to me In my heart I see The love you hold so deep within Keeps me standing so strong and true The true meaning of Love is deep within you.

I long to hear your voice each day To get me through these battles I face I know your there so deep within The trials they try to bind

Each time I try to hide But then you whisper deep in my heart You let me know you won't depart.

So Lord, when I hear your whisper Keep me close so I don't stray, I'm tired of running to no dismay,

Hold me close so I can tell Your love in me so deep within Helps me always to call... (more)

Tags: love, bible, live, wind, pray

After The Storm

By Betty B., published on Dec 3, 2011

After the storm life seems fresh our Lord took us out of that mess

After the storm the sun shines through

Our Lord made us brand new

After the storm we walk in His light

things seem so bright

After the storm people know His love has touched us

His love is new

After the storm we look at the sky

We praise Him for all He does He keeps us in line

After the storm life is nice

He is the one whom gives us advice!

Written by:©Betty Bolden 8-11-04

All poems are copyright!©


Tags: love, bible, live, wind, pray

Panelists: America Needs to Invest More in Clean Energy

By Josh Marks, published on Oct 3, 2011

...also said there is too much weight on loan guarantees and that there has to be a comprehensive clean energy policy in this country with things such as a carbon price and clean energy investment bank, similar to the national infrastructure bank that is included in the American Jobs Act winding its way through Congress.According to Muro, since 2003 the clean energy sector has created 2.7 million direct, full-time jobs. That is more than the fossil fuel industry's 2.4 million jobs. More than 1/4 of the clean economy jobs are in manufacturing and there are two times more export... (more)

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Summer Night Stroll

By Jack Bates, published on Jul 14, 2011

Along the beach winds a pathStrolling I breath inThe night’s ocean breezeSlightly sexy taste of salt on the windLooking out at the sunsetOn today’s horizon of limitless possibilitiesI stroll on in to the darknessLicking my lipsAlready dreaming of tomorrowI fade to black tonight


Tags: introspection, wind, beach, twilight, night walk, pondering, mood

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