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Plain and simple, what is love?

By BusinessLife, published on Aug 5, 2011

...the tests themselves became more of something to do than something that would provide any real answer. And of course, I didn't find out what the 'it' was that defined love or if I had 'it' or even some of 'it' but the love tests did pass the time.

No matter what I read, listen to, watch, experience or what not, I'm at my wits end. So, what is love? What does it look like, sound like, feel like and where in the world can you find it? If you know where love is, can you provide an address?

And one more thing. When you find love, how in the world do you keep it?



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The Heart

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 23, 2010

Where is my heart today?

My heart is with you.

How can I find love today?

My love is with you.

Why can’t there be arms wanting to hold me close?

I love you so dearly, you have no idea.

Finding love through a man seems short-term and lackluster.

Love isn’t just physical. It’s emotional and enduring through the laughter and tears.

Where is there love today? Where shall I search?

I created you myself and will be here waiting for you to realize that My love is yours to receive in an endless supply.


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Love is Pain

By C.V. Harris, published on Dec 6, 2007

Let's talk about love and pain. Everywhere I go the young generation speak openly to me about how "Love is Pain" and about how being "in love" is strangely connected to experiencing or going through some kind of hurt. Geez! Where do our children get this stuff? There was even a song out where one of the lyrics stated undoubtedly that love IS pain. What unspoken communication is our new generation ingesting? How do they perceive people in terms of how we connect or disconnect interpersonally? Which lyrics do they identify with as "legit" when belted out by rappers? Is it safe to assume that... (more)

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What is Love?

By Seema Upadhyay, published on Nov 4, 2007

Love is something that people often use in their language to communicate their emotions. Ever wondered what is love? For some it is synonymous to feel affectionate, sacrifice, sharing, giving, caring, for being there for someone you love, but what is love? Sacrifice in itself is an emotion, so is care. when I asked people to explain to answer the question "what is love?", I received the following bizarre answers;

According to Rupali- Public Relations Manager, "love is a feeling which gives butterflies in your stomach when you think about the person whom you love, she has been in and... (more)

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Love - Many a splendid thing, in more ways than one

By Alethea, published on Oct 12, 2006

The word is used for minor things such as "I love this song!" or the more serious "I love you" in a romance. You can feel it for your mom, your cat, your brother and your girlfriend, but does that mean it's all the same thing? Does time affect it? Can there really be love at first sight or can you not know real love until you've been together for 80 years. Love is a tricky concept indeed. Love is even more complicated when relationship scientists try to define it and dissect what it means to be in love. Older views include attachment theories (love is based on the relationship you've had... (more)

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