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Whose invasion is just?

By Shane Joseph, published on Mar 30, 2014

There is brouhaha in the media these days about the Russian invasion of the Crimea and the subsequent referendum in that territory. Western governments call the invasion unjust, and the subsequent referendum invalid; Putin is labelled a blackguard - a throwback to Hitler, they say. By whose standards are these incursions into sovereign territories judged? By whose standards are referendums that are put together with obscure questions that deliver confused answers considered just?

I’m going to flip the coin to other “invasions”; Iraq by the USA and its allies on the hunt for mythical... (more)

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Go to the People? Tom, are you kidding?

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 18, 2013 questions of whether drone attacks are acts of aggression on foreign soil, and whether waterboarding is torture, do we want to compound the situation by openly turning social media, which one could argue was invented in America, into a weapon of mass change in states that don’t share western ideology?

America took over a hundred years to go from the Wild West to a “civilized nation,” and one could argue that with its continuing need for “the right to bear arms” and the mass shootings that occur from time to time, whether it is still not out of its Wild West days.... (more)

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We will work until we die!

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 28, 2012

When I lived in a developing country in Asia many years ago, I looked towards the developed West and was wrapped in envy and a sense of inadequacy. Middle class westerners had plenty of material goods, excellent physical infrastructure, plentiful jobs, rules of conduct that were respected, guaranteed incomes, predictable lifestyles, excellent healthcare and a sense of entitlement that the world and their governments owed them a good quality of life. I felt shafted. In my part of the world we had import bans, shortages of most goods, local industry not worth talking about, corrupt governments,... (more)

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By randomjo, published on May 17, 2011


Arid & DustyThis city is musty, laden with thick smogCement & low-rent, a mix I lamentI cannot see myself exist here

No where to go, yet everything to buythis consumerism makes me sick.

Some of the worst of the Westabhorrently dressed--does no one here realize tatoos last forever?The hottest of hot an the coldest of cold amounts to the absolute worst weather.

I'm just passing through, but I know it's the truth-if I had to stay here it would be my end, unhappily ever after.


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