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Choosing The Right Weight

By EvlinSymon3, published on May 30, 2014

When making lifestyle changes that will facilitate losing weight, choosing the right weight loss regiment is of particular importance to senior citizens. Seniors are a social class that has special needs, but also may not be used to radical changes in their personal lifestyles. Many factors must be considered for seniors to diet successfully, so the following questions should be addressed before starting any weight loss program.

Does something just not seem quite right?

Always go with your instincts. Usually a bad choice of diet will just not feel right from the very start. If... (more)

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Fitness Mobile Apps – an Integral Part of the New-age Fitnes

By Eva Green, published on Apr 18, 2014

This is the age of information and technology. Almost all spheres of life are being impacted by the advancements in the field of technology almost every day. The world of fitness is no different. With every passing day, new applications are being introduced, which are making it easier for people to remain fit. The latest ones are gym apps for your mobile phones. They are perfectly designed to enhance the user experience inside as well as outside the gym. These apps can guide you to enjoy the gym experience without much of a hassle. Moreover, these also play a major role in helping you manage... (more)

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5 Super Foods that Improve Nutrition and Promote Weight Loss

By Toni Okeson, published on Mar 13, 2014

...Oats can also be found in energy bars and cereals that minimally process the substance in order to provide you with the maximum health benefit. SalmonSalmon is a tasty and nutritious alternative to steak and other red meats currently in your diet. Lean salmon cuts can provide you with the sense of fullness and taste that you look for without creating additional body fat. For weight loss, salmon contains a substance known as monounsaturated fatty acids or MUFAs. This healthy fat reduces the risk of heart disease and for those with high cholesterol, can also reduce low-density lipoproteins. (more)

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Secret and Unusual Tricks for Losing Weight

By Susan Q, published on Jan 27, 2014

...iced lemon water will help speed up your metabolism as well as boosting your immune system, making you feel healthier all round

- Eating a banana 15 minutes after a workout will be stored as glucose – and therefore will provide useful for energy later – not fat

- Taking a weight loss supplement from sites like can help optimise your results alongside a healthy lifestyle

- Adding spice to your meals; like chillies or Tabasco, will raise your body temperature and stimulate fat burning. Why not swap two meals a weak for a... (more)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Zerona Body Slimming

By Susan Q, published on Jan 20, 2014

This no-pain, non-invasive laser body slimming technique has shown proven results time and time again and is known to be taking the world by storm. Here are some questions you may have about Zerona body slimming in NYC.

Is the procedure effective?

The most amazing part about Zerona body slimming in NYC is that is has been proved to actually work. There have been certain clinical trials that have been conducted, that have revealed that people who used Zerona and followed the recommended guidelines, lost an average of 3.64 inches on their waist, hips, and thighs. With adequate exercise... (more)

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Diet conversations I have are usually about psychology

By Lartinos, published on Mar 18, 2013

...sense that sugar is indeed not good for dieting, but many people simply rationalize the decisions they make so their world makes sense on their own terms. I was once one of these people who were totally addicted to sugar and therefore blinded to the rationalizations that I made. Conquering weight loss can very often lead to other great changes in our life as the sense of accomplishment propels us forward into other areas.

We do so because of the confidence that we attain from kicking an addiction like sugar proves to ourselves that we are indeed able to set out our goals and... (more)

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Take fiber or suffer the consequences

By Lartinos, published on Mar 15, 2013

Many people have heard that fiber is good for you, but why exactly is fiber so good for dieting and overall health? Studies have shown fiber decreases body weight, can possibly extend life expectancy, and may even increase muscle mass. Fiber also helps regulate our bowel movements as well; That means it will help you whether you are either constipated or suffering from diarrhea, something that everyone must deal with at some point. Just knowing the benefits of fiber does not fix the problem of having a shortage of this important nutrient, we must plan ahead or there is an excellent... (more)

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How exactly do you read a nutritional label?

By Lartinos, published on Feb 13, 2013 not the same gram for gram. Most consumers get hung up on the fact that a product is better than another because it contains more grams of protein. In actuality all protein are not equal as some are more easily digested by for our bodies. So when you see an egg only has six grams of protein, if that number seems lower than it should it is because eggs are one of the most easily digested proteins available for us to eat, hence being highly bioavailable. Numbers can be deceiving!

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Diet for the right reason and don't just

By Lartinos, published on Feb 4, 2013

... definitive. Be bold and say that you are not going to eat like shit. Say that you are going to stick to that diet or don’t even try at all. Being truly successful at dieting is an all or nothing type of decision that we must make from within. Here is a quote from Neil Armstrong, “ we’re going to the moon because it’s in the nature of the human being to face challenges.” Notice how he didn’t add the word “try” in there, neither should you.

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10 Reasons you are not losing weight!

By Lartinos, published on Jan 28, 2013

...effect insulin levels.

10.You follow short term ”fad” diets: The “cleanse”, the hollywood cookie diet, and any other quick fixes are just marketing and that is all. I truly try to help people, these people just prey on your emotions and urge to get things done without any work or dedication. Don’t fall for me these scams.. Think about it, do you know anyone it has really worked successfully for? If so they are at best yo-yo dieters.

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