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Future-Proofing Your Data Hosting Strategy

By Albertson Denim, published on Apr 14, 2014

It can be difficult for business leaders to envision their upcoming hosting needs before they get to them. Your current hardware, hosting service, and support team might fit your needs this month, but what’s going to happen down the road, when your client base and traffic demands grow?

IT professionals often find themselves having to present the case to change hosting solutions after companies have outgrown their current resources. Here are a few things that business leaders and IT departments should discuss before they invest in data hosting.

Study your industry

The hosting... (more)

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Premium Web Services for your Business

By i2k2 , published on Dec 14, 2013

...a single IP address. For a dedicated server, you will have your own unique IP address.

6.Easy to Upgrade

According to the requirement, you can easily upgrade the server for more memory, disk space or additional processors.

The determining factors for selecting a web hosting service are below:

During web traffic congestion, the server will need more disk space, also termed as ‘Bandwidth’. Your business may need to exchange a large number of text-heavy and multimedia files through the website. Having higher disk space will always be useful. Having... (more)

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