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Cracked Pots

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 15, 2013

...more than enough spare time to teach him how to live a spiritual life. This earnest young fellow was determined to do his work so well that the monk would never regret sharing his hermitage and more importantly, his wisdom with him.

One of the new novice’s daily chores was to haul water from a creek nearby with a yoke across his shoulders. On each end of a pole hung large clay pots.However, one of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water. At the end of the long walk from the stream to the house, the cracked pot... (more)

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Seasons Of Life

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 19, 2013 my skin, yet buffered by a more powerful force of spirit. The clear pure image dissolves inside my soul and melts the frigid illusions into my psyche . Lifting my paralysis of this writer's cramp. My mind opening to embrace the joy and beauty blessing my eyes. I now jump into the cold water , as it was as a child...feeling the first shock of the blight of emergence. I surrender feeling as in the summer when I jumped into a cold lake. The jolt awakens, showing me visions unknown waiting for my acknowledgment . I am yet to know what this is, why this is, or where it will take... (more)

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Sabbath Moments - The Cracked Pot

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jun 29, 2013

Beauty will spring up when I am open the Holy Spirit, receiving the water of His Spirit daily even though I leak like a cracked pot. I have put together two stories, in from the Desert Fathers and one poem about a Chinese woman carrying water in a cracked pot. The result is an analogy of the spiritual life.A novice sought out a well-known holy man to mentor him. In return he offered to do most of the heavy chores for the ederly monk. Everyday this novice was directed to haul water from a creek nearby with a yoke across his shoulders. On each end hung large clay pots at the ends of a pole.

... (more)

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Surrendering Talents

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 22, 2012

I had a dream. An old man was dropping objects from a bag into a lake. I seemed to be able to read his mind. The first items to go in the water were a cricket bat and a ball; they eddied and floated away. “Goodbye little friends, and thank you for the joy you once gave me. My limbs are too stiff for you now.” A theatrical mask followed. I recognized it from when I played El Gallo in amateur theatre, years ago during my youth. “And my voice cannot hold that tenor anymore,” the old man said. “But it was a happy time. Thank you.”

I walked closer and there was an odd familiarity to this... (more)

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Hurricane Sandy has turned NY/NJ upside-down.

By Lartinos, published on Nov 1, 2012

...are getting in fights at gas stations over who is next, as human emotion is getting the best of people. Very chaotic time in NY/NJ, many people lost their cars from this storm as they just floated away. I saw a report that the subways could be partially back tomorrow, but some are still under water still right now. As I look in the East River right now it has been high tide for days in a row here. Hopefully it goes down soon, I have never seen it like this. That is a phrase you will hear over and over in this region as this was the strongest storm to hit this area since 1938 when a... (more)

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Pearl GTL (Qatar) : an Industrial Masterpiece.

By HenryK, published on Aug 1, 2012

And that is a tall order in a land that has virtually no sweet water, and is already facing strong water stress!

Qatar went from a poor pearl-fishing country to one of the most ground-breaking economies in the world, in less than half a century. The small peninsula harnessed its gigantic natural resources as the main motor of its development. Today, Qatar is negotiating a delicate turn between phase 1 and phase 2 : going from a booming, yet single-sourced economy, to a more diversified, long-lasting and developed one.

The consequences of such a transition should not be underestimated.... (more)

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Dichotomy of a Tic

By D. Sager, published on Jun 6, 2012

...of sort, the tug and pull of the game sharpening my senses.

I look at the game in another way. Being gifted and talented on many levels, I will draw success in a variety of forms. This abundance is meant not only for me, but for those around me that need help. I am a stream of cool water, those who are thirsty need only dip their hands in and draw from my bounty to satisfy themselves. I will be filled again, not by them, but by the hand of my God, who is my source and fountain. It is my purpose to be filled and emptied in the service of others, to humble myself and provide for... (more)

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By D. Sager, published on May 30, 2012

Disturbed within,

troubled are the waters of deep dark sin.

Without a tale does not tell,

that crawling underneath all is not well.

Froth and thick mire,

disguise the water and lay straights dire.

Lift my head Spirit on High,

knowledge of the forbidden bring great sighs.

Wrapped irony and ruse,

dark times bring a soul's purple bruise.

Who can see the through,

all the pains and sins that shadows knew.

Disturbed again,

troubled thoughts are quiet atrocities within.

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Tags: atrocities, pain, water, irony, sin, spirit, gray, ruse, shadow, dark, disguise, bruise, crawl, dire, disturbed, froth, mire, purple, straights, tale

The Tub - The bath water clears his guilt

By D. Sager, published on Mar 6, 2012

I hear him coming, old truck grumbling

Stumbling up the stairs.

I hear him cussing, broken glasses throwing

Threatening me to tears.

I hear his belt undoing, drunken fury lashing,

Bringing my young fears

I hear the slaps finding, bruises are coming

Staining my skin with smears

I hear the bath filling, his sorrow is falling

Draining his guilt the water clears

I hear the door slamming, darkness is calling

Suffering my torment through the years

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Tags: poem, fear, water, young, drunk, guilt, broken, threat, bath, lash, stain, belt, bruise, cussing, drain, fury, glass, slap, stumbling, truck

A Silent Wave

By Betty B., published on Jan 18, 2012

A silent wave rushing inside my heart Your hand leading me so far we won't depart Your voice I heard in away that's taking me far Into a silent wave rushing inside my heart.

Oh the thrill it was to hear your voice so silent as I opened up to you so wonderful this silent wave rushing inside my heart

I was searching for a answer to a question for so long there it was a silent wave rushing inside my heart

Your voice Lord, in ways I never found a silent whisper so very loud inside my heart the silent wave replied to me your love is so divine..

So when the shattered dreams... (more)

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