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Visualization II

By Philip F. Harris, published on Nov 13, 2011

We live and breathe and have our existence in a sea of energy that is shaped, molded and manifest through conscious thought. All that exists is thought made manifest. To the ancient mystics, this was called the tapestry of life. In modern times it is the string theory of quantum physics. Remember, there is no lack of energy in the Universe.

DO NOT give any attention to things that you do not want in your life. All that does is to feed energy into that which you do not desire. Do not adopt the attitude that there is no way that you can have what you desire simply because you do... (more)

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By Philip F. Harris, published on Nov 12, 2011

... your reality now albeit on an unconscious level. If you want to know what you think about the most, what you are emotional about and what you believe in strongly all you need to do is look at your life. Your currently reality is merely a reflection of what is occurring in your mind.

Visualization is a key in creating your own reality. If you think that you cannot visualize you are mistaken since the world you see is the result of your visualization. The Universe is very literal. It does not judge your desires. It will create what you hold in your mind, thoughts and emotions. It ... (more)

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Warfare Now Fought At Olympic Games Through Sportsmanship

By Lumiere, published on Nov 12, 2010

Imagine a world where every war or armed conflict is fought through two rival sports teams of each opposing country or region on an Olympic game field. The entry fee is $500 million in gold bars or sterling silver coins. The winner of the game claims their money and a prize of peaceful territorial control, until the next Olympic event when the losing team has an opportunity to compete again and reclaim what was lost. If the country or region of either team breaks the rules and ensues in any form of armed conflict, the gold is transferred to an established charity in a different country other... (more)

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