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Self-published tips by author Kenny Scudero

By boomergirl, published on Apr 18, 2012

I have to admit, I’m curious as a cat in a hen house about self-publishing. It seems I can’t read enough how authors do it. Not saying that having a publisher is a bad thing at all. But if you want total control and make more money, self-publishing is the thing to do these days.

I have an interview with a terrific self-published author, Kenny Scudero, who is here to help us understand the process by telling us how he did it. Comfortably Awkward is Kenny’s first self-published novel. At 22 years old, he has a great future ahead of him and we are excited to have him here today.

... (more)

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Who Wants to Win the Lottery: Interview with Lilian Duval

By boomergirl, published on Sep 12, 2011

Who wants to win the lottery? Okay, you. And you. And you. And my goodness, all hands are up. So let’s say you win all this money and things happen for the worse because of the money, would you still want it?

That’s a big toss-up, isn’t it? It’s like playing with the devil. I’ll take the consequences; you just give me the money.

Lilian Duval is here with us today to talk about her new book, You Never Know: Tales of Tobias, an Accidental Lottery Winner. While the book may look like just a story about someone winning the lottery and not having a good time of it afterward,... (more)

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Interview with author Lory Kaufman

By Novel Noise, published on Jun 15, 2011

About Lory Kaufman

“I write Post-Dystopian fiction. After society’s collapse, which is imagined in so many great dystopian stories, humans will either fade into history, with the dinosaurs, or, if it learns the right lessons, society will go on to construct a civilization to last tens of thousands of years. History Camp stories are the exciting adventures of young people doing the latter.” -Lory Kaufman On the artistic side of Lory’s career, he’s written, acted and directed children’s theatre and musical theatre. He enjoys art, especially sculpture. He loves science fiction... (more)

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Do you have what it takes to be published?

By Novel Noise, published on Jan 17, 2011

How often do you hear about something that sounds too good to be true? Well, I am here to offer 10 lucky winners the opportunity of a lifetime.

New York Times bestselling co-author, novelist, and former Publisher of Avon Books and Berkley Books, Lou Aronica has created a unique and exciting offer to anyone that is going to follow his upcoming book tour with Pump Up Your Book. His extensive experience in the publishing and editing fields has given him insight into an industry that continues to grow and change daily. Once again, that insight has led him to offer a contest that is... (more)

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Author DCS Chats About the Synarchy Series

By JaimeM, published on Oct 26, 2010

... secret government. To go more in depth, it was a term coined by a famous occultist who believed that ancient beings from the land of Shambalah had a hand in directing the affairs of governments on Earth. Considering the topic matter of Synarchy the name fit.

Q: You’re currently on virtual book tour with The Ascension, book two of the Synarchy books. Please tell us about book two and how it fits into the overall series.

A: Book 2 picks up right where I leave everyone hanging in Book 2. I delve deeper into the story behind the Terenzios, and what has motivated one half of the... (more)

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Interview with Suthep Srikureja, author of the Traveler

By Novel Noise, published on Sep 7, 2010

Suthep Srikureja lives in Bangkok with his wife and three children. An entrepreneur and a writer, he can often be found immersed in various bodies of water. The Traveler is his first book.

What is the latest book or movie that made you cry?

Neil Gaiman's "Blueberry Girl" mae me quite emotional. What fictional character is most like you? Probably the protagonist in most Murakami stories. A little passive, simply allowing life and peculiar events to happen to him up to a point where he really must act to take back control or risk losing everything. What is the greatest album ever?... (more)

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What Do You Think God Wants You To Do With Your Life?

By Novel Noise, published on Aug 12, 2010

About Sue Provost:

Sue Provost is an active spiritual director, religious education teacher for both children and adults, and author of Where is God in Your Life? Three Retreats in Christian Spirituality. Her vocation in the practice of spiritual direction supports lay men and women, as well as clergy and those in ministry formation, in discernment of God’s gifting and God’s calling.

Sue has a master’s degree in Spiritual Formation from Regis University, in Denver Colorado. She is on the board of directors for the national headquarters of Small Christian Communities Connect (SCCC),... (more)

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J.R. Nicklaus: A Literary Star in the Making

By boomergirl, published on Nov 28, 2009 all about. It’s a collection of short stories all tied together under one theme – hope. A very enjoyable, yet deep book, that I would highly recommend to everyone. I interviewed J.W. to find out more about his book, his writing life, and his publishing journey as part of his virtual book tour, but more so, to try to uncover the secrets behind a literary genius. Thank you for this interview, J.W. I’d like to start off this interview by asking you how did you come up with such an intriguing title? J.W.: It wasn't too awfully difficult, actually. Once I finally saw the common ... (more)

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Self-Publishing or Not: Interview with James Diehl

By boomergirl, published on Oct 26, 2009

...Self publishing a book can be a wonderful choice, but you need to do your homework first. If you’re looking to gain a national audience, consider establishing as much of an online presence as possible. You can do this by means of a well-designed Web site or through virtual book tours and other such media campaigns. Also, search around for the best option in terms of printing services. I had to change printers at the 11th hour because the one I chose wanted me to sacrifice certain components of my book that I wasn’t prepared to give up. It wreaked havoc with my cost ... (more)

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Interview with Children's Picture Book Author Diana Rumjahn

By boomergirl, published on Oct 18, 2009

 After Charlie the frog accidentally breaks his mother’s vase, he runs away from home. Charlie and his new best friends Leo and Joe, live in a little orange tent outside Mrs. Cupcake’s bakery. A homesick Charlie, Leo and Joe, journey far away to find Charlie’s mother.  This is the premise of Diana Rumjahn’s delightful children’s picture book, Charlie and Mama Kyna.


We had the opportunity to interview Ms. Rumjahn to find out more about her book and her publishing journey.


Thank... (more)

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