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Richard Branson to Wear a Red Skirt on an Upcoming Flight

By TonyBerkman, published on Apr 12, 2013 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What's somewhat unusual is that the tycoon will be wearing a red skirt during the 6 hour trip.

Sir Richard is making good on the bet that he lost to Fernandes in 2010, about whose Formula One team would be ranked higher. Fernandes' Lotus Racing team beat Virgins and now Branson will serve as a flight attendant the Air Asia flight.

Seats are now on sale from $420 USD on the one-way flight and may be purchased online at Air Asia. The flight information is: AirAsia X’s flight D7 237 on Sunday, May 12.

For the money, Air Asia X says that ... (more)

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The Wet Spot Diaries

By Annie44, published on Mar 16, 2013


Me: With benefits…

Boink: If this is some sort of paternity suit, just keep dialing cuz’ I’m not your man. Besides, that kid would be going through his first midlife crisis by now.

Me: I didn’t call for money…or about a baby. I am calling because you took my virginity.

Boink: Oh shit…a vengeful woman.

Me: No, actually I’m writing a book about my first time.

Boink: You’re kidding, right?

Me: No, I’m not. I’m writing about my first sexual experience…with you. The man who opened the door to what has now become a... (more)

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