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Russia releases key findings on chemical attack near Aleppo

By Shaun Gibson, published on Sep 5, 2013

People injured in what the government said was a chemical weapons attack, breathe through oxygen masks as they are treated at a hospital in the Syrian city of Aleppo March 19, 2013 (Reuters / George Ourfalian) :

Probes from Khan al-Assal show chemicals used in the March 19 attack did not belong to standard Syrian army ammunition, and that the shell carrying the substance was similar to those made by a rebel fighter group, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.

RT's LIVE UPDATES on Syrian 'chemical weapons' crisis >

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hey chorused a noisy amen

By Uttam Gill, published on Feb 6, 2013

In chorus, they sing, kill them, it’s not a sin

They yell, to incite

Kill them, Kill them, they chant

Lunatic frenzy, at its peak

Marauding mob chants vociferously

In chorus, they sing, kill them, it’s not a sin

They are at the gate

The mob yells, “hand over them”

They are the one, to be killed

Sane one pleads, leave them

In chorus they sing, kill them, it’s not a sin

They coerces the way, to take away

The wounded soldiers and the nursing hand

Trophies in the hand of blood thirsty mob

The mob ask... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jan 30, 2013 all into the abyss...

Do we need a giant vacuüm ?

To sweep clean all the hate

To polish our sacred values

To clear the dust of ignorance

Growing unknowingly

Inside a stunted self...

Are we of fragile substance?

Lifting our hands in violence

Wounding a fellow being

This must never be the intention

Life is so much more magnificent

When we gift our hearts...

I continue to pray

To beg for mercy

For all mankind to


Nurturing our higher ... (more)

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Sister, my Sister

By Anastasia , published on Jan 6, 2013 I now know exactly what happened to this twenty-three year old physiotherapy intern, so far unnamed. If you are at all sensitive to these matters it might be best if you read no further. She was gang raped, horrible enough in itself, but the details of what was inflicted on her, the violence and the mutilation, are almost beyond any horror that I have the power to conceive. What happened had nothing to do with sex and desire. It was an act of atavistic and sadistic hatred. It was an act that goes deep into India’s heart of darkness.

It was the evening of 16 December.... (more)

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Breath of Coals

By D. Sager, published on Nov 3, 2012

...and defiling with hungered presence

- "Come my enemy, give life to me by your hate"

A leprous char to remain in the abandon of slanderous consumption

The takers of hope are meant to be, giving life to survivor's dreams

- "Come my enemy, give life to me by your violence"

Cherished visions have no meaning unless colored with blackened attacks

Their worth determined by the crackling heckles of many jealous lovers

- "Come my enemy, give life to me by your acridity"

Victory will never give birth till hate eagerly prevents its hasty... (more)

Tags: hate, violence, hope, dream, success, birth, abandon, adversity, enemy, coals, blackened, breath, consumption, defile, leprous, slanderous, survivor

A Child Is Dead!

By Caballero_69, published on Apr 4, 2012

Breathes there a one with soul so dead

As never to oneself have said

No matter what excuses may be pled

A child is dead!

In a seemingly prosperous Florida town

A young black boy was wantonly gunned down

The police were summoned and quickly came

But the lad lay dead all the same.

Must we not all wonder why?

A happy, friendly child had to die.

He went to the store and was coming back

Then was slain for the crime of “walking while black.”

For too long this has been the case

People hating people based on... (more)

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Endless Sky

By D. Sager, published on Feb 17, 2012

I lit the coals with yearning,

deeper than times sand.

I stoke them daily with nature's trinkets

Mischievously taking you in hand.


Tender violence my guide

Bringing you to passions door

The flames burn hot and long

We consummate the lore


Fighting to feel not wanting to resist

Together in universal rhythm we tread

Heat of friction driving your desire

Caught in throes, an endless sky our bed


Tied with bonds of forbidden

Bringing creation to savor the burst,

I find you my... (more)

Tags: poem, violence, passion, sand, sky, fire, bed, thirst, throes, trinkets, hand, coals

Reasons - Look past the awkwardness and see the pain

By D. Sager, published on Feb 12, 2012

...the color of my skin, the dark circles under my eyes, the length of my nose, the girth of my belly? Do you know that walking to my car creates anxiety? I grab my keys in a way that will act as a weapon; I make sure I have a knife on me always, though these things have never delivered me from violence or saved me from anything. Do you know that I struggle with violence a hundred times an hour? Not only my self-imposed violence toward me or others, but of the perceived violence I see directed at me in every face? Do you know that I always try to help others? Do you know though having been... (more)

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So Fragile is a Street Kid’s Life...

By Gregory John Smith, published on Dec 5, 2011

...couple of months before, in that very same spot. If we had turned up just five minutes later, there would have probably been five more just like him....

Unfortunately he had not been so lucky.

On making the above incident known publicly shortly after during an open meeting about violence, including police violence in our municipality, the local police chief who was present at the time, was most sceptical to my story and mentioned that he would be checking it out at headquarters with those who had been on patrol that night. When he paid me a visit later that week, he of course... (more)

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Send Forth a Ripple

By Caballero_69, published on Aug 20, 2011

Whether our life circumstances be happy or harsh,

We have the chance to send forth a ripple even when we cannot make a wave.

From a mountain of despair,

We can work to cleave a stone of hope.

Into an ocean of dismay,

We can cast out a rope.

The world abounds with frightening stories.

Tales of woe in our ears ring.

In turbulent times, fear commonly springs,

Clutching our hearts and ripping our souls on beating bat wings.

We ask of ourselves, “Oh, what can we do?”

For comfort and aid, whom can we turn to?

The... (more)

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