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The Pursuit of Perfection and the Thrill of Victory!

By Jedo Kingsman, published on Feb 9, 2014

...similar speeds on two high tech beams at the hairy edge between control and disaster... it makes you wonder what drives them to put everything on the line with such rare abandon. While motivations vary and are often deeply personal, attaining the 'perfect run' and experiencing the 'thrill of victory' is one common fuel that keeps them focused and driven. There is something in us that longs for perfection, whether we experience it ourselves or see it in others.

There is a paradox of human experience that few people can really explain. When we see something so beautiful, powerful,... (more)

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By D. Sager, published on Nov 18, 2011

Recovery is a four letter word. Not the cliché' “recovery” like addicts use, but, the kind of recovery that every successful and joyful human being has to initiate on a regular basis. Having the tenacity to lay down a bad relationship and carry on, face a business mistake or failure and come back to win, publicly humiliate yourself and still hold your head up high and have a life well lived and be the envy of all your naysayers.

This ability to come back from the edge is indispensable to living your life with happiness and accomplishment. It is the essence of all joy and success.... (more)

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Victory - Play by Play

By Jack Bates, published on Jul 25, 2011

...channelled in to a violent collision can’t be turned off like a light. Impact eminent, I refuse to hit first, twisting to my left I pull with my right arm and land on top of my four fallen foes.Releasing my grip, I push off and up. In a tribal celebration my comrades come to celebrate my victory. Arms out wide, elbows down, head up channelling another yell, bellowing so loud that all other sound is washed away from my ears.VictoryThat moment, a split second where all realize that for that period in time who the vanquished are and who rules the day. The addictive adrenaline rush of... (more)

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Book Review: Conservative Victory

By D. E. Carson, published on May 10, 2010

Liberals love to hate Sean Hannity. It’s in their DNA. After reading Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda it is easy to see why they hate him – he’s right and he’s got the facts to prove it.

Hannity lays out his plan for this book from the very beginning. In Part One, Hannity reviews Obama with such scrutiny one would think he was a medical examiner searching for the reason a perfectly healthy man died in his early twenties – an appropriate analogy as the book is searching for the reason America is dying. In Part Two, Hannity stresses the need to learn from history... (more)

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