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If There's Not A Mess On The Floor, You Ain't Cookin'?

By Crowbar, published on May 26, 2008

... and I’m not talking about those of us who think Betty Crocker and the Gorton’s fisherman are perfect role models, there is a wonderful sensation from spending hours in the kitchen preparing new and familiar dishes.

On most of my days off, if I’m not trying to score drugs down on Venice Beach, I am in the kitchen for hours preparing meals for the week or for the day. I make my own hummus and guacamole from scratch, I research new ways to make dishes, or I’m experimenting with drink mixes. So, I figured it was time to add this part of my life to my writing.

So, from this... (more)

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Naked Cowboy: The Interview Part Duece

By Venditto, published on May 12, 2008 inform the public when I am making my legacy.(Note- Again, I like the answer butstill I began to wonder if he was listening to the questions I was asking or just speechifying in my general direction.)

ME: When was your first performance as The Naked Cowboy?

NC: Venice Beach, California.

ME: How'd ya end up in New York City?

NC: Well, I traveled to Nashville to become a star, two months after my first singing lesson on 8/9/97. Wrote my first song 11/2, my twenty fifth song less than a month later... but basically, Venice Beach, the Jenny Jones... (more)

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Do You Want Your Face On Sunset Blvd?

By Ariel, published on Jan 24, 2008 place like home.

When did you get the idea of

The idea came at the end of last summer. I was missing LA desperately-cruising Sunset Blvd., shopping on Melrose Ave., people watching at Hollywood & Highland, Venice beach on Sunday afternoons…You get the idea.

I was reminiscing with my husband and told him that I wished I could spend the summer in LA. I was hoping that he’d offer some vacation funds and agree to keep our son for a couple of weeks, but instead, in his... (more)

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Los Angeles Triathlon Tomorrow

By Ariel, published on Sep 8, 2007

The 8th Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon will start tomorrow at 6.45pm from Venice Beach. The event consists of a point-to-point course that starts with a swim in the ocean off Venice Beach, then bikes through Hollywood and into downtown finishing at STAPLES Center after completing a downtown run course. The start and finish lines are 24-miles apart. Needless to say this is not your Sunday morning jogging. The favorites for this 2007 Los Angeles Triathlon are the winners of the 2006 edition (slideshow ), Greg Bennett and Emma Snowsill, both from Australia. The total prize this year for... (more)

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Yo! Venice!

By Ariel, published on Aug 12, 2007

...a vibrant community, the Venicians didn't seem to be that much into the blogging scene. A year later, this blatant gap in the blogosphere is finally filled. Yo! Venice! was started by two friends, Keri and Bret, who, in their own words decided "to create a communal blog for residents of Venice Beach California to post about their community. In today’s world of RSS feeds, they felt that a blog would be a perfect place for people to let others know how they view the Venice Beach community through words and pictures." The blog has been updated pretty regularly since its launch in ... (more)

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Life's not Always a Beach in Venice

By V, published on May 3, 2007

... She rambles the ramblings of the mad but it's a song. It's a spell. "Ah tohld heim na ceiggarates. Ah tohld heim na ceiggarates. He leaved me. He leaved me" she sing/ cries. It's utterly disturbing and sends chills through me, as if she's trying to conjure this man's spirit. If you live at Venice Beach, maybe you know her too. She can be spotted sometimes at 1am as if sleepwalking down the middle of Main St near the Circle, casting her spell. That accent and the sing-songy inflections of her chant, cut through any other sounds around. You can hear her coming in the dead of night and her... (more)

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BrooWaha: Mobilizing citizen journalists

By Poh Si Teng, published on Apr 19, 2007 Their votes disproportionately influence other authors' popularity and they are given unique opportunities to write on choice subjects and get published in the headlines. For instance, I arranged for some of the top-contributors to interview local celebrities Harry Perry from Venice Beach Boardwalk and Nicholas Gurevich from PBF Comics. Poh Si: What are the Web 2.0 features on BrooWaha? Ariel: - All content published on BrooWaha is written by users. - Users can rate articles from 1 to 5 (Awful to Excellent). - Users can review articles on 4 criteria: Interest,... (more)

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Gutter 101: Ten Rules to Survive On The Streets

By Crowbar, published on Mar 12, 2007

...share a story and a bottle with you. You realize how easy it is too forget about a job, an apartment, about family, and friends. Every day becomes an adventure. Life is so simple! Yes, there is an allure to the streets, especially places filled with counter culture like San Francisco and Venice Beach. It becomes easy, and even trendy, to live on the beach, in the park, even passed out drunk on cardboard. There is a great sense of freedom to no longer caring about society. But the longer you stay attached to the streets, the harder it becomes to return. I have lived as one of the... (more)

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A fecal matter: LA beaches closed again due to sewage spills

By E Jo, published on Feb 7, 2007

...concentrations indicates the existence of other pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and protozoa that do pose health risks. If state standards for bacterial indicators are exceeded, local health officials are required to post warnings or close the beach. Ironically Venice beach has a better score card than Santa Monica beaches. There may be more visible trash on the beaches in Venice but the bacteria counts are lower. The stretch of beach from Santa Monica at Pico Blvd. drain to Venice beach at Topsail St. drain have grades of A’s and B’s (excluding ... (more)

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He's going the Distance: An Interview with Harry Perry

By V, published on Jan 9, 2007

...we flipped through what would now almost be considered retro her photo album, I came across a shot of a tall, striking-looking man dressed in a white robe, wearing a white turban, broad smile and an electric guitar. "Who's that?:, I inquired. "Oh, this famous, street performer guy on the Venice Beach boardwalk," she said. For years afterward, I would come across photos of him in the photo albums of friends as far away as London, Tokyo, Stockholm and Paris, until one day in 2001 when I finally got to take one of my own. Harry Perry is perhaps the most enduring and high-profile street... (more)

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