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What Are You Proud Of ?

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 26, 2013, as well as the brevity of human life and the inevitability of the nature of death.

In the positive sense pride refers to taking satisfaction in reaching a goal which is self directed. It reinforces us to work harder and have direction in our lives. It flows from making certain values paramount in the way you walk through life. In some ways, it makes reaching decisions much easier. The term " my pride would not allow me to do that " talks to us of this understanding.

When seen in this positive sense, it also should tell us to be mindful of all the gifts we have been... (more)

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Children Are Like Sponges

By melanie jean juneau, published on Dec 4, 2012

It seemed like our kids were like sponges, absorbing our spirituality through osmosis. They became so steeped in the vibes, that the Spirit flowed from our children to us as well as from us as parents to our offspring.

One Saturday afternoon I was rocking newborn Mara while eighteen month-old Melissa sat on her Dad's knee, slowly waking up from a long nap. The topic of discussion for the last hour had been,

''How on earth can we manage to get to church as a family with three little ones, all on different schedules?"

Every choice of service or church had some complication... (more)

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Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

By Caballero_69, published on Mar 19, 2011

Dear Boys,

I believe you know I have long regarded the Winter Festival as a time for rest, recreation, reading and reflection. In the past few years, I have not honored this belief as well as I recall having previously done and as I resolve to do in the future. I believe, however, this is the first year of return to Winter Festival celebrations as they might and ought to be.

One of the readings I completed this season, is Promises to Keep by Joe Biden, To my delight, it proved to be a treasure trove of insights I could relate to and from which I could learn. One of these is Joe's... (more)

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