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Why choose a hotel when a serviced apartment is available?

By Susan Q, published on Jan 9, 2014

If you were to ask what the main variance is between having your own hotel guestroom to residing in a serviced apartment then the number of rooms provided certainly makes all the difference. Compared to a hotel room, serviced lodgings offer more accommodation options. A serviced residence also affords its lodgers a homey and relaxed ambiance. It’s a space that lets you do things at your own accord, as it’s tailored towards being your home away from home.

What are the benefits of staying in a serviced lodging?

Are you the kind of individual that doesn’t like being confined in just... (more)

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It’s Not Rocket Science

By DKIdea, published on Dec 23, 2013

...entire post by saying that I’m neither a Republican or Democrat. Instead I’m an independent thinker that refuses to be manipulated by the snakes on either side. Anyway, the article was about the Republicans calling for Kerry to be put on a plane bound for Washington, instead of having a vacation while unrest and turmoil plague Egypt I’m no expert on foreign affairs or world events, but I’ve lived long enough to know that there is always some sort of unrest and turmoil somewhere in the world, particularly the Middle East. I’ve also lived long enough to know that everyone needs a... (more)

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Afterthoughts from my vacation in Florida

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 4, 2013

...She told me I would miss the money, she is right I would me the 3K a month, but I am willing to overlook it. If something doesn't change real soon I will be forced to quit altogether because my body just can't take the abuse any more.

I know, sounds like a bunch of whining, but my vacation gave me an opportunity to put some things into perspective from a great distance. I had time to do a great deal of thinking while I was driving. Driving is the perfect opportunity for me to sort thoughts and put things into perspective. So, what did I think about. Well, the big one was about... (more)

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A Road Trip to Oregon: Just Hubby and Me, Part One

By HomeRearedChef, published on Jan 9, 2013

We stuffed our luggage and left with no worries, no cares, just a spread of big smiles and carefree hearts!

After twenty-nine years married, of working hard and raising a family, seeing to everything and everyone else first, we were finally taking a vacation. Just me and hubby—my partner-in-crime to all things endeavored—on a 5-days adventure road trip to Oregon: sightseeing and eating, with the opportunity to reacquaint and rediscover us as a couple. And as humble Foodies we would sample, critique and overindulge, and together would willingly agree to sacrifice unnecessary weight gain... (more)

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The Wonders of the Automat

By Patricia Adams, published on Mar 15, 2012

My dad had a lifelong wish. He wanted to see New York City. His salary as a body and fender man in California in the Great Depression barely kept his family in food and shoes. A trip to New York City was a dream that was unlikely to happen.

By the time he was 72, and I was his caregiver, his dream had faded.

Then a miracle. My husband received a job assignment to Oneida, New York--upstate, but close enough!

The day we arrive in Oneida, my dad and my children begin planning for a summer trip to New York City. The children borrow books from the library and my dad sends for... (more)

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Proof of Life for My Dog Luke

By christinemer, published on Nov 10, 2011

...say to me, "If you don't want your dog anymore, I'll take him." Aside from wondering what about me looks like I might be the kind of person who doesn't want her dog anymore, I try and recognize that it's a compliment to Luke, rather than an insult directed at me.

I'm heading off on vacation this week and am always in the quandary of what to do with Luke. The last time I left him at Doggy Day Care, he ate his thigh and they didn't take care of it, and when I got back we ended up in big doggy do do. My sister has three dogs, one of which she rescued from New Orleans. That dog... (more)

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A Trip to Maui

By JJFCPA, published on Jan 17, 2010

...especially of the hot chocolate soufflé which is to die for. I can only eat 2 bites as it is so rich which is fine with my wife as she enjoys the rest.

For those who live on the East coast of the U.S., the trip to Hawaii is so long. It is a trip that is deserved of all who love island vacations. The combination of clear water surrounding gorgeous islands with the best in recreation and dining makes this one of our favorite choices for an annual vacation. You see we bought a 2 week time share a few years ago as a wedding anniversary present – at least that is what my wife later... (more)

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Travelling Man: China In Winter

By Ladymaggic, published on Jan 7, 2008

Traveling the World: China in Winter The world is full of wonderful places and experiences, and those who have the love of adventure seek new places to visit and explore.

This month is vacation for many people. In the North it is winter, and in the south it is summer. Northern based folks like to travel south for the warmth, and southern based people head for the beaches and the mountains, or travel to exotic cities and Festival Venues following advertising stories or shows.

It was quite by accident that I visited Beijing and the Great Wall of China last January. I was looking... (more)

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