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Are all stories political?

By Shane Joseph, published on Jul 20, 2013

...good politics rise to the surface. We also have the ability to invent a safe world through our fiction and kill off the bad politicians in it—something which is a bit hard to do in real life without going to jail.

Some books started civil wars, if you can believe that tall tale about Uncle Tom’s Cabin; others like Ann Frank’s Diary warned us of our innate ability create good and evil; and others have extrapolated trends into the future to show us what might happen if we do not pause and shift course: 1984 comes to mind.

Many authors abhor political activism and believe... (more)

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Rob Parker questions Robert Griffin's blackness

By Lartinos, published on Dec 17, 2012

...Rob Parker took RG3’s comment to mean that he is not a real black man because he is against the cause of black people as a race. The idea of questioning someone’s blackness is not a new phenomenon, in fact there is a term commonly used dating back to the 1800’s by the name of an “Uncle Tom.” This is the name that fellow african americans use to describe someone who is too quick to be subservient to white people and white culture in general. To denounce someone as an “Uncle Tom” as Rob Parker has done is a pompous move that honestly takes quite a bit of Gall. Someone could ... (more)

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