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A Stock Market Break? These Indices Say No

By michael lombardi, published on Jun 12, 2014

...from China. Institutional investors are buying. I think that, in the absence of some kind of shock or new catalyst, the stock market can slowly keep grinding higher. It could very well turn out to be another good year.

A considerable number of Street analysts estimate that the U.S. economy will experience a modest acceleration from its current trend in the fourth quarter this year. If this does transpire, then it will be the icing on the cake for the stock market, which is already a leading indicator itself.

Both the Russell 2000 Index of small-cap stocks and the... (more)

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How to Profit from ECB’s Attempts to End Economic Slowdown

By JuliaTyler, published on Apr 1, 2014

Remember what happened in the U.S. economy when the financial system was about to collapse? The banks weren’t lending to each other, businesses, or even consumers. The U.S. economy was in a deep economic slowdown. Investment banks like the Lehman Brothers had already collapsed and more would follow. Something had to be done or else it would be a disaster situation.

When all of this was happening, the Federal Reserve stepped in to save the U.S. economy. It started to use a monetary policy tool called quantitative easing. The idea was simple: print money out of thin air and then... (more)

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Why U.S. Investors Should Consider Canadian Oil Plays

By JuliaTyler, published on Feb 25, 2014

While the U.S. economy is hardly on solid footing, the fact remains that as the world’s biggest and most influential economy, the U.S. doesn’t have to be running optimally to keep the global economy chugging along. Though, it would be nice if the U.S. economy would gain sustainable traction. Until then, we will have to be content with it’s glacial pace of recovery.

And it is slow. In 2012, gross domestic product (GDP) growth was 2.8% and in 2013, it slowed to just 1.9%. Things are expected to get better over the next two years. U.S. GDP growth is forecast to hit 2.8% in 2014... (more)

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These Two Charts Tell a Golden Story for Investors

By michael lombardi, published on Sep 17, 2013

...currency, speaks louder than words—and the two charts above just give me more ammunition to be bullish on gold bullion.

Michael’s Personal Notes:

The U.S. national debt has increased significantly over the last few years, especially after the credit crisis struck the U.S. economy.

To stop the economy from totally collapsing, the U.S. government incurred several trillion-dollar budget deficits in a row as it spent to revive the economy. As yearly budget deficits piled on, the U.S. national debt rose. Today, the U.S. economy has the biggest debt in monetary... (more)

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