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Emails from Angkor

By V, published on Dec 10, 2006

...and Indian. Although Khmer is the official language, there is also a less common Cambodian French and among young Cambodians, English is becoming more widely spoken. Theravada Buddhism is the dominant national religion with a small portion of the populous practicing Islam and Christianity. I traveled alone to Siem Reap, Cambodia, flying in from Bangkok. I was on a mission to Angkor the capital of the Khmer in 1300AD. It had been a life long dream to see Angkor Wat -- which as it turned out, became my least favorite of the magnificent Khmer temples, my favorite, the breathtaking Ta Prohm. ... (more)

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Jewel of the hills

By Robert Petril, published on Oct 15, 2018

When I was working for the Italian leather upholstery company Natuzzi, which is located in a town called Santeramo, I used to stay in the next town over called Gioia Del Colle. The name of this town directly translates to “Joy of the hills”, or “Jewel of the hills”. Legend has it, that this name came about when Biancalancia, wife of Emperor Frederick II, was riding her horse through these beautiful hills, and at some point she realized she had lost her necklace. It was a beautiful string of pearls. She searched and searched for them, but they were never found. Despite the loss of her jewels,... (more)

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