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The Wonders of the Automat

By Patricia Adams, published on Mar 15, 2012


Then a miracle. My husband received a job assignment to Oneida, New York--upstate, but close enough!

The day we arrive in Oneida, my dad and my children begin planning for a summer trip to New York City. The children borrow books from the library and my dad sends for maps and travel folders of things to see in New York City. Every day the list grows longer--Ellis Island, Times Square, the Empire State Building, Jones Beach, the Brooklyn Bridge, the United Nations Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry, and Coney Island.

The discovery of the wonders ... (more)

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The Importance of Airline Etiquette

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Feb 13, 2012

While commuting on an airline other than the one I work for, I had the chance to chat with a very seasoned traveler. He was flying on this airline by chance (not his normal carrier).

When our discussion turned to airline related development, he became animated and quite agitated.

"Today, people are just plain savages!" he exclaimed. "People just don't know what they are doing anymore and they will step on anyone to get what they want and to hell with all the rest..."

I chuckled to myself because I knew exactly what he meant and how he felt. I truly empathize with the frequent... (more)

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Short Fiction: Amber's Wave

By Malerie, published on Nov 22, 2011

Amber was looking for the Town of Sagittarius. It was someplace out West she figured - probably in California, since California was the one State that would conceivably set up a community named after a sign of the Zodiac. It was her sign - the Archer - and Amber could think of no other that suited her better- half-man, half-horse pointing his bow and arrow at some nebulous target. Amber felt out place, wayward; a mutt in a town of self-considered pedigrees.

Amber grew up in Port Arthur, Texas. From her expansive waterfront deck, she could see barges carrying chunks of offshore rigs... (more)

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I Swear Santa Never Had This Much Trouble!

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Nov 17, 2011

...sauce or strawberry jam, but according to the TSA, if it’s more than 3.4 ounces and not placed in the required singular quart-sized Ziploc™-style baggy when going through the screening checkpoint, they will be required to confiscate it!

The TSA has guidelines spelled out for all travelers regarding the transport of Christmas Gifts on flights during the holidays.[2] You can find a complete run down of the do’s and don’ts on their website. The TSA advises that pies and cakes are allowed through the screening checkpoints, but are subject to additional screening... (more)

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The Voice of Reason...?

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Nov 14, 2011

When you are at the airport, on the subway, or even at the mall, have you ever wondered who the woman behind that voice you seem to hear everywhere looks like?

Believe it or not, she's not a computer or a digitized voice...she's Carolyn Hopkins, an unassuming lady from northern Maine. CBS News recently did a profile on the woman behind the message.

Now you know! Cheers!


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Strike While the Weather is Frightful (or Sunny...or...)!

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Nov 4, 2011

... customer service personnel will be stretched to beyond capacity, and no doubt hold times on the phone and extraordinarily long lines at the airport will be the norm. Personally, as a high-mileage frequent flier, I would strongly urge people to reestablish a personal relationship with a trusted travel agent (yes they do still exist!) because they have connections that the average traveler simply doesn’t have and they are in the business of handling all sorts of issues, including getting you rebooked or restored financially if a strike were to occur.

For those who choose to do things ... (more)

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Holiday Travel: A Survivor's Guide

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Nov 3, 2011

...It CAN’T be that time of year already…

That’s what you try to tell yourself as the hair on the nape of your neck starts to rise. That knot in the pit of your stomach starts churning and you’re already wishing it was January 2nd!

Anyone who has had the “pleasure” of traveling during the holidays can empathize with those feelings. But with a little preparation and education, not only can it be survivable, but you can actually save a few years on your life with the reduction of stress that you will feel if you are properly equipped with the right knowledge!

... (more)

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Therapy in the back seat

By Inmyredhead, published on Nov 1, 2011

...were a child again - how long has it been?How many of you particularly enjoy the voyeuristic peeks into lit interiors of a strangers home, one after the other, with rapt curiosity about the way other people live? Is it just me, or am I not the only one who finds an odd comfort in back seat travels? There is something about letting go of the reins and giving up control of your destination details. It's a very freeing experience to partake in. There is something about the intense curiosity that takes your mind off of your own troubles and worries. I imagine it's the same for men and... (more)

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A Fare to Remember

By blackbirdwurd, published on Oct 24, 2011

I wake up much later than I had planned on my last day in Italy. It is my first time ever outside of North America, and I am on the homestretch of my first real taste of travel in almost ten years. I commit to opening my eyes and see that Will, who will be my traveling companion from Florence to Milan, has already placed the last of his belongings neatly in his pack. I’m groggy from the previous night’s debauchery, from which I retired just in time to avoid a stolen life-sized Santa and the chase that ensued. I’m achy from sleeping on the wafer thin, twin-sized mattress of my hostel cot... (more)

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Pura Vida

By blackbirdwurd, published on Oct 24, 2011 our well tanned, well toned host used a disjointed hybrid of English, Spanish and his native Italian to assure us that we would be well cared for. After he’d said his buenos noches and closed the door behind him, we exchanged a look that acknowledged that a real character had entered our travel world, with a silent rock, scissors, paper addendum.

We settled onto the porch, sparked a joint, and made every effort to avoid thinking about the fact that we had about five sips of bottled water between the three of us. The darkness that surrounded us was so complete that we turned to ... (more)

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