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Travel Like you mean it!

By Steve Gillick, published on Apr 17, 2013

... adventure e.g. trekking, climbing, caving, bicycling; water activities e.g. scuba, fishing, swimming, beaches, boating ; cruises e.g. luxury cruising, sailing, waterway cruising. So travel professionals these days, dig deeper when they interview clients, in order to get to the ‘real’ travel motivation.

I remember one person on a tour in Turkey. He kept his distance from the group, didn’t talk very much and hardly ever smiled. He just took photos and walked behind the group at his own pace. On one of the days when we were in Cappadocia we visited a farm. The man’s... (more)

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Don't Dismiss the Bliss of Travel

By Steve Gillick, published on Dec 4, 2012

...goes back to that cyclical wheel of ‘happiness-interacting-with-happiness’, where the energy of the traveller and the energy of the travel arrangements, the itinerary, the special events, the accommodation, the food, the niche market activities—the whole picture (there’s that gestalt again) produces a wonderful travel experience. And the resulting happiness translates into an increased desire to want to travel again and again.

It’s just a slightly different way of talking about travel motivation, but it could blissfully make a world of difference.


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