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Park and Stab For Better Health

By AM Nelson, published on Nov 15, 2006

...actual condition, I beg the definition of “available” with Clinton’s reasoning. But even if this occurred in a neighborhood with restrictions as meticulous as LA, stabbing a man seems a bit of an overreaction to me. What was Stabber thinking,” I’ll go to traffic school for this one! Hmm…I wonder if it costs more to get into one of those comedy sessions?” The men were construction workers. Teamwork is often required on the job. Quitting smoking can be long, painful, and unsuccessful for so many; those committed to quitting need to... (more)

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Get in line today for your Playstation 3

By Ariel, published on Nov 9, 2006

... the demand in the first days. EB Games reported that they were done taking pre-orders and that you would have to wait until 2007 to get yours if you haven't pre-ordered it. The West Hollywood Best Buy will have a launch party 3 hours before the official release. Romaine St will be closed to traffic between La Brea and Formosa during that time. Events will also be held by Circuit City in Los Angeles as well as other major U.S cities and they will even give away some free PS3s. Now, why all this fuss for a simple game console? Millions of hardcore gamers have been waiting for the PS3,... (more)

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The Art of the Garage Sale

By Alethea, published on Oct 30, 2006

...put up several posts indicating special items. Craigslist and Myspace seemed to be the most prolific in terms of attracting people to the sale, more so than the Recycler and Pennysaver. -- Signage – Besides advertising, putting up garage sale signs is a must. A large part of the traffic will be due to those people that wander around looking for garage sales and you have to make sure they can find your sale, especially if you don’t live on a main street (like me). Big letters and arrows are critical. You’ll probably want a combination of soft (paper) and hard... (more)

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Menu of Singledum

By Lara E. Seltzer, published on Oct 17, 2006

...a side of bitterness. The problem is, at thirty three, I feel a sort of wrongness in eating alone. Like this time should be spent with family or a significant other, not just staring blankly at my computer screen. I should be having the ever-popular discussions on how the day went, how bad traffic was, or what celebrity wore what loin cloth to the last premiere party. And forget about dining out alone. This is virtually out of the question for a single and neurotic female such as me. I avoid this like going stag to family reunions. If I have to, I mean really have to dine out alone, I... (more)

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Monorail To Tie Together L.A.'s Gems

By dodgerjon, published on Oct 11, 2006

...might link with the Music Center... LAX... or even Dodger Stadium. Eventually the whole project would be a way of uniting all of L.A.'s fun and interesting landmarks. L.A.'s Broadway Street is a real lost gem. Hollywood Thoughts feels strongly that the street should be blocked from automotive traffic between the Orpheum theatre down to the Million Dollar theatre. The pedestrian-only zone would be similar to Sanata Monica's Third Street promenade-- or Old Town in Pasadena. The three movie palaces -- along with the stores lining the street -- could be rennovated with the same sensitivity as... (more)

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Seriously, Are you kidding?

By Erinn Selkis, published on Oct 7, 2006

... sir. Enjoy!” “This is the strongest tanning bed that the state of California allows us to fry your skin with, enjoy!” Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. Ugh. As if someone telling someone else to enjoy something will actually make that happen…If it were only that easy, I would be going around all day saying “Erinn, enjoy waiting in backed up traffic; enjoy burning your tongue on your coffee, enjoy making $9 an hour, enjoy having your boyfriend turn gay.” I would be “enjoying” all damn day. I would not be kidding and I would be having a GREAT one.  (more)

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Star’s Performance Gets Oscar Buzz

By Josh Marks, published on Oct 1, 2006

...small village to help with a relief organization administering medical help to the locals. There he meets and becomes attracted to Sara Zach (Gillian Anderson), the wife of the head doctor. They attend a rally for Amin out of curiosity and after helping the president with a minor injury from a traffic accident, Garrigan is called to the capital Kampala (the film was entirely shot on location in Uganda and Scotland). Amin, who is fascinated by Scotland and infatuated with Garrigan, convinces him to become his personal doctor. Soon Garrigan is living in the lap of luxury, but he slowly... (more)

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MySpace: SexyPam wants to be your friend!

By Ariel, published on Sep 27, 2006

... happen more than you would have ever dreamed. And that's paradoxally very unfortunate. Behind the very pleasant face, and often close to naked body of SexyPam, usually hides a fake profile with a bunch of links to different websites: myspace layouts, ringtones, webcams... Due to its very high traffic and the demography of its users, MySpace has become a goldmine for advertisers. By luring potential customers into reading their fake profiles, they have found a new way to reach their market. If your new friend Pamela tells you that she loves her new ringtone, aren't you gonna try to find out ... (more)

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An Inconvenient Truth with A Big Price Tag

By Deleted User, published on Jul 17, 2006

...has long been buzzing. Routes are suffocated by cars and SUVs determined to get to their destination, gas pumps are working overtime despite soaring gasoline prices, and a lingering grey haze seems to leave no one deterred. A harrowing visual of the Earth pulled downward in a tug of war with traffic grips me. I feel claustrophobic, unnerved, and like I need a cold splash of water. After seeing “An Inconvenient Truth” – the Al Gore narrated documentary about the abject effects of global warming on our environment – things don’t quite look the same... (more)

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