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Get the Troops out of El Salvador!

By Matt Weston, published on Feb 4, 2007

...Act, Bush is Listening. Since when is protesting an unwinnable war waged under the slimmest, falsest pretenses not good enough? Shouldn’t the news that this unpopular war is escalating, with as many as 21,000 troops/targets deploying to cities where kidnapping is more common than traffic lights, arouse a focused response? Why did the march feel like it had Attention Deficit Disorder? I suspect some of the inconsistency has to do with feelings of outrage against the Bush Administration and its policies. The comedian Lewis Black summarized 2006 in this way, and I paraphrase,... (more)

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Un-Buckle-Up ... I'm Taking a Walk

By Adam G, published on Jan 24, 2007

I have a good friend that lives nearby. No, I mean really nearby. Now, I know what you're thinking: by our standards, I must mean under 15 minutes, barring traffic, of course. No, no, no ... I'm talking five blocks nearby. Just imagine our phone conversations! Him: " 'Sup, G?" Me: “Nothin, chillin.” Him: “Nice. You comin over?” Me: “Yup, yup. See you in a bit.” No discussion of freeways, no mention of prevailing traffic patterns. Only pure, worthless, post-modern ebonics for the white guy. It totally rocks! We don't have too much in common, but we get along, watch... (more)

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Idyllic Idyllwild

By V, published on Jan 3, 2007

...Mountains. At an elevation of some 8,000 to 10,000 feet, this idyllic, little, sleepy hollow boasts the legendary rocks of Tahquitz and Suicide Rock for avid local, national and international climbers, in the terrain of the Cahuilla Indians who inhabited the area. Without a single set of traffic lights and only locally owned shops, services and restaurants, Idyllwild has the perfect, small town, quiet atmosphere for a winter wonderland, weekend hideaway experience. Deliberately devoid of ski runs, there is a happy absence in Idyllwild of the seasonal, obnoxious influx of a booming... (more)

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The Storytelling of Pershing Square

By pleasurepalate, published on Dec 29, 2006

... action. Ricardo Legorretta's Mexican heritage carries into the layout of the lower square which represents a Mexican plaza. Considering California's history with Mexico, this is very much in keeping with L.A. cultural history. Like most Mexican plazas, the area is open, allowing for both foot traffic as well as places where you can sit down and relax. Most Mexican plazas have Churches with their towering bell towers. The bell tower in this case is represented by the tallest structure in the lower plaza. You can't miss it. It's 125 feet high, purple with a red ball showing through a square ... (more)

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To the Top of Eagle Rock: Hiking in Los Angeles

By V, published on Dec 28, 2006

...all along side you on the left as you pass the Getty Villa on the right. . Turn right onto Topanga Canyon Blvd. . Continue up into the Topanga township and pass through it. . On the edge of the other side of the township, while still on Topanga Canyon Blvd., you will come to a set of traffic lights at the juncture of Topanga School Rd. Continue through the lights, being careful to stay on Topanga Canyon Blvd.. . On your left, you will come upon a seafood restaurant called, ‘Froggy’s.’ At this restaurant, turn right onto the very steep, narrow and... (more)

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Things to Do for Hannukah: From a New Novel to a New Radio Station

By Barry, published on Dec 13, 2006

...a little of a couch latke), you might want to check out the Food Network's Sara's Secrets on Thursday December 14th at 10:00am. The show will offer some easy recipes, including Red-Wine Braised Beef Brisket with Horseradish Sauce and Aunt Rifka's Apple Fritters. For those of you caught in 405 traffic on your way to the menorah lighting, you can get into the holiday spirit by tuning into XM Satellite Radio's Radio Hannukah. It airs for the entire duration of the holiday on XM channel 108. It will feature nightly broadcasts of the traditional Hannukah candlelight blessings, plus contemporary ... (more)

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Death Race 2000

By Chris Volkay, published on Dec 7, 2006 the middle of the road was the smashed and contorted body of a motorcycle rider that had gone head on with a BMW. He apparently died instantly. What a scene it was, as family after family drove by and witnessed the carnage in the middle of the road. I got out of my car to try to stop traffic, which was difficult in and of itself, as seemingly everybody on the crest is addicted to racing through these mountains roads. In this particular case, having not witnessed it, I obviously have no idea who or what was at fault. But here on Angeles Crest, the hills are alive with the... (more)

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The Fresh Princess of Bel-Air

By V, published on Dec 3, 2006

... seen an estate a little way back that appeared to have a security guard at the gate. I said I'd go ask to wait with the guard. My fella said he knew exactly the house I was speaking of and that he would come and get me there immediately. I about faced to make my perilous navigation through the traffic to the only 'safe' house I could think of. That's when the truck came. It was an enormous, four door, utility truck coming toward me with two men in it. Leering at me over the dash until they slowly passed me. I heard something change in the engine and looked back over my shoulder to see them... (more)

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Home for the Holidays?

By C. Reagan, published on Nov 28, 2006

...when I'm going home for Christmas, I just smirk and say that I can't afford it. I say a little prayer every time these lies slip past my lips. Horrid, Horrid lies. Now, don't get me wrong. I am terribly homesick. I do miss the grand St. Louis Holiday traditions of snow and ice storms bringing traffic and life in general to a standstill. I long for the tiny cigarette smoke-filled apartment my mother occupies that is utterly brimming with holiday cheer. A tear comes to my eye when I think of my "mixed family" celebrating without me in Woodriver, Illinois, where the smog from the local... (more)

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Plenty to Do, See on Third Street

By Josh Marks, published on Nov 16, 2006

...Group to plan the redesign of Third Street. In 1988 a bond measure was passed to finance the project and the new Third Street Promenade officially opened on September 16, 1989. With new movie theaters, a smaller and less imposing scale for pedestrians and even a road for occasional vehicle traffic (this was later removed), people started discovering the area. Today the Third Street Promenade is a thriving commercial district which draws crowds day and night. The future looks promising as well. Santa Monica Place, the indoor mall that anchors the Promenade, is in the concept stage of a ... (more)

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