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Critical Mass Has Become a Pain in SF's A--!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 28, 2007

The monthly Critical Mass bike ride will take place today beginning at 6 p.m., according to San Francisco police. Critical Mass is a bunch of idiots who feel like they’re making a difference by riding their bikes recklessly, clogging up traffic, antagonizing drivers and pedestrians and basically acting like obnoxious a-holes. For some reason, they think they’re making some type of statement about freedom and independence and the supposed rights of cyclists. But, in the end, all they’re doing is pissing people off. I have witnessed at least half a dozen Critical Mass rides and I’ve... (more)

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Red Light Cameras: Accident Reductor or Money- Maker

By Sheena B, published on Jul 19, 2007

...he's one of those drivers that feel the city is only looking out for themselves and not to improve drivers' safety. If a person decides not to pay the violation, she could be facing calls from collection agencies wanting their money. People were outraged by this notion because how could a traffic ticket be placed on a credit report. Officials are reconsidering the collections option and now passed a bill to not force traffic violations to appear on a person's credit. That action won't start until September 1st. Even though placing red light cameras at the busiest and most dangerous... (more)

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Bull-Running is Bull----. But, It IS Fun to Watch!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 14, 2007

...operations. Running with the bulls is a stupid tradition. A bunch of people (mostly drunk Spanish men) run alongside a herd of bulls, annoying and pestering them until they either complete the run or get injured in the process. The equivalent in this country would be running out into freeway traffic, or playing chicken down on the railroad tracks. It’s a really dumb way to have a good time. But, I must admit, I enjoy watching it. Bulls have been doing just fine for a long time running with each other. They don’t want to run with us. And with all the noise and people,... (more)

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The Dangers of Cell Phone Use While Driving

By Sheena B, published on Jul 10, 2007 a complete stop in a parking lot or at home. I never understood why people be on the phone and not pay attention to what's in front of them. Cell phone use while driving can be just as deadly on roadways compared to drinking and driving or even road rage. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,cell phone use while driving can degrade a person's performance to driving. Over twenty-five percent of traffic accidents reported by police are contributed to driver distraction with a cell phone. Now laws have been enforced to prevent accidents from happening on... (more)

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Barry Named To All-Star NL Starting Roster

By robertanchor, published on Jul 2, 2007

It's official Giants fans; Barry Bonds has earned himself a spot on the NL All-Star roster. The news, which came as a late surprise to some and a sweet relief to others, was the talk of most fans this past Sunday about the time when traffic was just hitting it's full capacity on the way to the Giants, Diamondbacks game. Yet Despite the good news the Giants came out as focused to play ball as any other day. And it showed as the Giants later emerged victorious, and added a cheery to the already sweet news by pounding Arizona 13 to a whopping 0. This would be the 13th time Bonds had made the... (more)

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Our Justice System at Work-or how to make $162,000 with lies

By Geddy, published on Jun 29, 2007

... freeways in Houston), one way road with few lights and no curves. Like many motorists that day, my journey was interrupted by a Houston police officer running into the middle of the road and flagging me over. It was then I noticed another officer standing on the roadside pointing a radar at the traffic. Two others (at least, may have been more) were near him writing citations. The posted limit on this 5 lane road is 30 mph; I was cited for going 43. There it is, end of story, I must be guilty. I got what I deserved! Perhaps, but this is where it starts to get interesting... My friends... (more)

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The Courts Working Hard to Keep Crime High

By freestrike, published on Jun 24, 2007

...crimes the police devotes resources to raiding strip clubs and handing out tickets like candy. Somehow they still have the audacity to say they need more tax dollars to hire more cops. Like we're in such need of more speed traps. This is not the way to improve our society. When I left traffic court I was absolutely furious. I now understand why our society is so angry. The city goes out of its way to make us that way. If we truly want a safer society we should get rid of politicians like Mayor White and only elect officials who will ensure that the police do their job and... (more)

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The Power of One Single Breath

By cerebralgirl, published on Jun 9, 2007

...need to do later, how this applies to you and so on.... Focus is Required The truth is success in any area of your life requires focus. Not just a vision of the finish line, but a clear path of focus and determination to only allow in that which will aid in your success. Alas It isn't hard to see how we end up over committed and exhausted in any given day. Living in the Bay Area in itself is a chore with traffic, and the volume of people. But, maybe you'll take a moment today to take that deep breath wherever you are and allow this day to be a gift to you in your presence of mind. (more)

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Put Miss Hilton In, Take Miss Hilton Out, Put Miss Hilton In

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 8, 2007

...that Hilton will be driven to her appearance by sheriff’s deputies. Hilton was released around 2:00 a.m. Thursday, June 7. Outside her Hollywood Hills house, paparazzi swarmed to photograph the released Hilton. Helicopters normally flown over Los Angeles to report morning commute traffic were directed to fly over Hilton’s house to cover the breaking story. According to reports, Hilton requested that cupcakes be distributed among the media outside her home. Hilton released a statement thanking the sheriff’s department and the staff of the Lynwood facility and... (more)

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My God is Green

By P. Silva, published on May 30, 2007

... for all intents and purposes is your god, the almighty dollar. Sorta gives new meaning to the term “In God We Trust”, don’t it? Unlike the ‘standing room only’ picture of a holiday house of worship, the god of green puts asses in the seats every day. We sit in traffic for him, we wait in line for him, we ride buses and trains and hail taxis to get to him. This not a matter of greed, but a matter of necessity. They say money is the root of all evil. I disagree. How it is used and how it is acquired is the determining factor in the equation. Granted, you... (more)

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