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What Are You Looking At?

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Jan 12, 2008

Who hasn't been stuck on the 405 freeway when one may think it's rush hour traffic, but it turns out to be an accident. Now I don't wish that upon anybody, but I'm talking about those on the opposite direction slowing down just to get a glimps of the wreckage. This is known as rubber-necking, or whatever word you have for it. A freeway incident is not a side-show attraction. It's just going to cause another accident and everybody in traffic would be sh_t up a creek. It's obvious that it's an accident, just move forward without staring. Whats to look at? It's the same song and dance! MOVE!...simple.

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Positive Attitude

By Seema Upadhyay, published on Dec 26, 2007

...of our days are so productive and good?.We tell others that the day was lucky whereas some days are bad and unproductive. Its positive attitude, a nice hot cup of tea/coffee can be the beginning of a good day. Reaching office on time without boss's firing makes a good start and ofcourse smooth traffic can be an added advantage. A good mood is contagious, You feel good so you spread happiness around you by greeting everyone with a smile. This leads to a chain reaction, making your environment harmonious. A bad mood not only increases the blood pressure, causes ulcers and acidity, it also... (more)

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Party-ac Arrest

By TommyTheBlogger, published on Dec 20, 2007

You would be hard-pressed to find a single newsstand sleaze rag that isn't emblazoned with images of todays party children, as well as the unfortunate everyday casualties who try to live like them. Here's a number you should ponder; In the United States the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 17,941 people died in 2006 in "alcohol-related" collisions, representing 41 percent of total traffic deaths in the US. Over 500,000 people were injured in alcohol-related accidents in the US in 2003. Let's compare that to what happens in Tinseltown; Rehab. You see, in the... (more)

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Portrait of a Thanksgiving Border Crossing

By V, published on Nov 25, 2007

...the border crossing epicenter – a town unto itself. There are large screens blaring cheap commercials, billboards mounted on billboards. It’s a city come alive with ice-cream carts, Churros trolleys and more vendors than ever, weaving in and out of the cars. Neon lights flash, traffic is moving and it’s as if we’ve all stepped out of a fog into a bright, artificial sun. I have my windows down and even the smell has changed (for the better). I can make out the distant music of a typical, Mexican Polka and the pretty tinkle of a vendor’s glass... (more)

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Take This Job and Shove it, Jobs that just plain suck!

By Steven Lane, published on Nov 14, 2007

...Pushing my diet coke to the side, I found myself leaning forward, as I attempted to grab a sentence or two out of the air from these two very unusual bar buddies. It went a little like this: Beat-up Cowboy Clown, (Rob Smets, professional bullfighter): "I was going up a one-way street against traffic and that bull let me know which way traffic was coming. He beat the living' hell out of me."........."What the F**· happened to you", he might have asked his obviously injured friend. Professional Pro Sparring Partner. (Jameel McCline, pro boxer): "Aw nothing new, just like everyday,... (more)

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The Pro

By quin browne, published on Nov 12, 2007

...hucksters who push a fake designer bag on you? Or a President who says we need this war? Was he what he was made to be by his background, or something of his own creation? All of this rolled in my head, while I walked from 23rd down 6th, looking for bus stops, not paying attention that the traffic was going the opposite way from me, moving uptown as I walked downtown, feeling the air grow colder as the sun dropped down behind the urban mountain range I live in now, listening to the call of the wild tourist as it sang out "Which way is it to South Ferry?" and for once, not giving... (more)

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Series - We The People - Censored Media VS Free Press #26

By Rose Mountain, published on Nov 4, 2007

...the final localism hearing. Meanwhile, a new study shows media consolidation is... Nov 1,2007[Podcast] *Net Neutrality Advocates Hit Back at Comcast Cable giant Comcast has become the poster child for Net Neutrality with blatant actions to block user traffic that make the case for Internet protections. On Thursday, the Coalition joined legal scholars to take this case to the...Nov 1,2007[] *FCC Pressed to Stop... (more)

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Fall in New York

By quin browne, published on Oct 24, 2007

...the season isn’t over...or even worse, become pseudo Red Sox fans in the hope of winning votes). We do not worry about dashing through intersections, ignoring the helpful RedHand O’Death or the Friendly WalkingMan to guide us, instead taking our lives in our hands as we dodge traffic and rogue taxis. We scoff, HA! at black limos that careen down Park, and the multitude of delivery men who scream at us in a variety of languages, in a tone that lets us know they are not wishing us a good day. No, because it is fall, we know what is coming, what we must gird our loins... (more)

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Another Smoke Screen for California

By Ed Attanasio, published on Oct 11, 2007

... next year if they are caught smoking in cars with minors, making their state the third to protect children in vehicles from secondhand smoke. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday signed a bill that will make it an infraction to smoke in a vehicle if someone under age 18 is present. But the traffic stop would have to be made for another offense, such as speeding or an illegal turn, before the driver could be cited for smoking. The ban, which takes effect Jan. 1, joins a string of smoking prohibitions adopted in California, including a ban on smoking in enclosed workplaces and within 25... (more)

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The L.A. Connection: The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me

By Glenn T, published on Oct 7, 2007

...L.A.’s darkest corners teem with the brutal realities of racial tension, inescapable poverty, and the din of lives long since lost to chemical pleasures. It is a city that barely knows itself, the possibility of a cosmopolitan center shattered by overwhelming civic failure that is its traffic problem. We are separated by only a handful of miles, but still by hours of time. And yet, its grandeur lies in its scale – the simple gathering of so many souls, the painfully untidy coexistence of such different cultures, and our failure (so unlike our oft-compared counterparts in... (more)

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