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A Side Of Route 66 With My Omelet

By pleasurepalate, published on May 2, 2008

...should have given me a hint of what was to come, especially since Flappy Jack's is on historic Route 66, but I remained completely clueless until I stepped through the doors of the restaurant.Once inside, my eyes were immediately drawn right in front of me to the now recognizable shape of a traffic sign a la the Route 66 sign mimicking the signage outside, but in a glowing orange neon. That neon didn't hold my attention for long because once I looked up, I almost forgot why I came in there in the first place. Before my peepers was a colorful mural using famous personalities to depict the ... (more)

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The Broo Deathmatch Sweet Sixteen Results

By Glenn T, published on Mar 28, 2008

... the color orange – and Ed actually had a great picture of himself on his. Advantage EA. Finally, at a loss for anything else, I turned to numerology and Googled their respective page hit numbers: Ed’s (177933) revealed that is the 177933rd ranked website for traffic (look it up, it's gross), and MBD’s (57549) got me two genome maps, a seriously lame flash game and stock photo of a crane lifting ladders… ugh. As always, my last girlfriend got the best of me… and this time, of MBD. Ed Attansio in double overtime, onto the great... (more)

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A Lesson In Road Rage

By Lila M., published on Mar 26, 2008 vent their frustrations. But just as there are severe penalties for DUI’s such as outrageous fines, potential jail times and AA programs, there are now similar laws and consequences for “road rage” offenders.

According to reports from the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety (not affiliated with the American Automobile Association);

“More than 45 million motorists have engaged in aggressive driving and road rage driving behavior. Ten percent exhibit this behavior several times a week and 22 percent exhibited this type of behavior once a... (more)

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Call To Broowaha Creators: More Transparency Please

By travelingseth, published on Mar 19, 2008

...the number of hits for the full network and/or individual cities. Instead all that’s displayed is a list of the ‘Most Active Editions’, (presumably) ranked in order of page views or articles uploaded. Why not just give the pageviews there?

The About section was likewise devoid of traffic info. There was however an Advertise link, which led to the BrooWaha media kit. Aha! Those usually contain at least rough traffic estimates. But alas, all it contained was a table of ad rates. This got me asking another important question: how much money (if any) is BrooWaha making? Don’t... (more)

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A Billboard Affair

By Glenn T, published on Feb 28, 2008 sense of modesty when it comes to the size of such things, as the building-size adverts downtown pay tribute to. As a result, it’s easy to become nearly numb to such bombardment, and process this visual stimulus with no greater interest than we might regard the street signs and traffic signals. A few months ago I was actually impressed with the full-color billboard-sized TV screens around town which changed digital images every few seconds – but after a few weeks, they too faded into the background noise that is life on the streets of the City of Angels.

... (more)

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Switching Sides Of The Aisle

By Glenn T, published on Feb 20, 2008

...How about subsidizing the mortgage industry or alternate fuels? Here’s what I don’t want: I don’t want a condo in Burbank to cost $750,000 for two bedrooms and one bath, and I don’t want to pay four dollars a gallon to drive my car in the nation’s worst traffic. You know what the $30 billion dollar fence could be traded for? A real subway in L.A. That’s right… one that could eliminate a traffic problem that costs millions of dollars a day in lost productivity. How much money is that “fence” going to save us?

... (more)

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If We Get Bored, We'll Move To California...

By thermos62000, published on Feb 20, 2008

...a 90%-off sale. And it almost snowed. (Wait…that was somewhere else.)

Amidst the chaos, I’ve adjusted to LA, with all of its good and bad, but never boring, attributes. I’ve also absorbed a lot of useful knowledge. Here are some key findings: Online Comedy Traffic School, while thorough and informative, is not as funny as one would hope. There are four public restrooms on or near Melrose: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Johnny Rocket’s, Antonio’s, and The Fairfax Senior Citizens Center. Apparently, Ron Jeremy and I hang out in the same... (more)

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My Shawshank Reality

By benjamin, published on Feb 8, 2008, and was convinced that I would never end up in a cubicle, and I would certainly never be excited about someone letting me wear jeans on the last day of the week. Number one on my cliché list was always a slew of speakers playing some smoothed voiced woman talking about weather and traffic in between Matchbox Twenty and Hall & Oates songs. That is not the case in this office. There are several speakers in the building, but only one in our room. It is at such a low volume that it is impossible for us to hear it from our desks. I get it for a minute or two near the filing... (more)

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Driving In A Winter Wonderland

By tnecvolfan2001, published on Jan 17, 2008

... and the official ride home from work was on! But, where were the wrecks? Where were the fools who normally spoil it all for the rest of us commuters heading home to work? Some commuters told me that the highways they were on were actually lighter than normal in volume. Others said that although traffic was heavy, everyone was driving safely, defensively, even. I thought that went out of style here a long, long time ago.

Most people here on Wednesday, I believe, took a moment to enjoy the snow and the pretty picture it provided. Downtown along Peachtree Street, people seemed to take a ... (more)

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Atlanta: Southern Charm, World Class

By tnecvolfan2001, published on Jan 16, 2008, and perhaps two-to-three million other people who are here from somewhere else, but really don't remember the last time we spent more than a couple of nights with our folks over Christmas in the city of wherever it was we are from, we call Atlanta home. First rule to remember is about the traffic. Its arguably the worst in the nation, but officially we're number 2 behind Los Angeles. One of the first things I learned here was stay off of Interstate 285. Its our area's by-pass that goes in a big circle. If you drive 285, its probably because you work up in one of the many office parks... (more)

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