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Peony Pink and the Ides of Plutonium

By Lynda Lehmann, published on Mar 20, 2011

Spring solstice has arrived! This tender season is usually regarded as a time to rejoice at life's beauty and renewal. Life is precious. It is also delicate and perishable, and not at all guaranteed. It's a gift and a miracle, with or without a religious perspective to cast it in. I present to you a photo of a delicate Peony as a reminder of life's fragility, as the towns on the Northeast coast of Japan and well inland, struggle for their very survival.

I will continue to wish, hope and pray for the Japanese people to find comfort, solace and the support of the world community in... (more)

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Please... Hold The Fluoride

By Alethea, published on Aug 2, 2008

...are not the only health issues associated with fluoride, but they are the only ones that the ADA and other fluoride proponents seem to accept regardless of a growing multitude of studies showing the potentially harmful effects of fluoride on the body. Some of the long-term and immediate toxicity effects found are as follows:

Genetic and chromosomal damage Acceleration of aging process (collagen breakdown, enzyme inhibition, etc.) Immune system impairment Anti-oxidant defense impairment Electrolyte abnormalities (hypoglycemia, hyperkalemia, etc.) Gastrointestinal issues... (more)

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