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Do titles sell books?

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 3, 2013

I know that covers sell books, well, at least for now, before e-books run us over, but do titles do the same? Is it best to plagiarize an existing best-selling title, and modify it a bit to ensure that unintended searches will unearth your book and present it to an unsuspecting reader? I had some unasked-for success when my novel After the Flood came out in 2009, a few months after a more famous book called The Year of the Flood; readers kept sending me e-mails from around the world congratulating me on the great reviews the other Flood book was receiving. And, I did not plagiarize titles here,... (more)

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Power verbs dazzle search engines and empower SEO

By darinlhammond, published on Oct 12, 2012 of language.

Verbs Defined, BoringTechnically, the definition of verbs makes them boring because they are a part of speech or a piece of language. Verbs capture an action, an occurrence, where a state of being.Verbs in Action Are PowerfulAvoiding state of being verbs makes your titles and your writing more powerful. Rather than saying that "social media is important" (a state of being), you grab attention by saying "social media rocks marketing" (an action). Action verbs do something, and therefore they create movement in the minds of readers. Instead of skipping over your... (more)

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