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The Enemies Within

By Caballero_69, published on Jul 24, 2011

We have sung of grapes of wrath and a terrible swift sword

Of trampling the vineyards where greed grew and hate was stored

We did this while a terrible conflict raged and scourged the land

And millions fought and many fell so the Republic would still stand

In the midst of a Great Depression some believed could never happen here

A President stood on withered legs and declared the sole enemy was fear.

The country pulled together and waged a two front war with ferocious tyranny

There is not time for tricks and bickering when its win or not be free.

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Ready To Turn Up 'The Broo?'

By BusinessLife, published on Nov 5, 2010


Write down what you consider as an opportunity to help grow readership for The Broo and its writers. Include things that are a part of Broo today but could be used in a more effective way or things you consider strengths found on similar sites (Broo's competition).


List what you see as something that could harm Broo's readership or continued growth if whatever 'it' is stays the way it is OR is not stopped or changed.


Make sure to read what has been posted in all comments above you so that you can be sure to include items... (more)

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