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We Don't Want to Think

By Ely North, published on Jun 2, 2013

“Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Preach on, Reverend King! I have so much respect for this man because he fought for what is right, and he dedicated and sacrificed his life in the pursuit of equality and justice for all. He is a true American hero. And he is absolutely right: I hate thinking!

Thinking takes mental effort, massive concentration, and modest creativity. (Just putting... (more)

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By Rahul, published on Dec 20, 2012

... where we are now, all these discoveries and inventions, advancement in science and technology gave us a totally new outlook towards ourselves and as well as the universe we live in. Now we are moving forward in a fare pace in every aspects of life and so the need for revolutionizing the way of thinking is very much important as any other issue. The time has come for us to worry only about the present and future, we shouldn’t waste time discussing the past and the hardships it brought. This age is perhaps the most crucial phase of the evolution of our thinking, free thinking is getting more ... (more)

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On the Outside Looking In

By Cielo, published on Apr 29, 2012

Daylight is an old man sitting outside the jagged shack...

Hand on cane chin on hand.

And his old soul is a butterfly sitting in the brink of time.

A moment decisive. And me too--tested has been the day.

Empty handed I befall lips sealed windswept

I am the old man.

(Cielo Noriega)

Have you ever felt this way before?... And I was struck all at once how life was out there going through its regular courses, and I was caught in its whirlpool; suspended, waiting, caught in a cell within a cell; between living my life and not living it the way I... (more)

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You: Stable and Strong

By Cynthia Occelli, published on Mar 31, 2011

...way to humiliation at the next curve of the switchback." —Patrick White

It is easy to lose sight of oneself as the most powerful person in one's life. Reinforced by the masses and the media, we forget our power to create our lives and control our emotions.

After years of thinking and living this way, one becomes a feather in the wind.

When things are good they feel exuberant, invincible and can even become self-aggrandizing or haughty. On the ego's winds of superiority they soar.

When life turns or appears to go badly, they feel vulnerable,... (more)

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By Cynthia Occelli, published on Mar 31, 2011

Imprisoned within the walls of unhealthy competition, criticism, self-doubt and insecurity, are crowds of people waiting for some illustrious person, authority or event to choose them.

For some, a love interest holds the jailhouse key. For others it's a career opportunity, title, status, money or accolade. The prisoners believe that being chosen will prove their talent, loveability or enoughness. They are certain that happiness is on the other side of being picked.

Who or what must select you for you to finally feel good enough, successful or complete?

No one... (more)

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