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Letting Our Shadows Out of the Closet

By melanie jean juneau, published on May 8, 2013

Mental health.

We make an appointment every year with their G.P. to check out their physical health and reluctantly arrange for a dental check up but why don’t we also have a professional mental health check up?

After reading these two words, some people might laugh off the implication that there is anything wrong with them, others might nervously skim the rest of this post. This question is far from ridiculous, though. Have you taken a good look around lately? What do you see and hear?

The modern society is stressful because people are anxious about the economy and job... (more)

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Drug user, how he beat the habit....

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 2, 2012

... card after the poor person went to the atm, noticing the keying of the numbers. Yes this is how a drug user works behind the scenes. One day off maybe the day the social security benefits come in.

Drug users, can't see themselves normally as nothing except a drug user. Community group therapy is just putting a rose on the artifical help. Well if you can't see yourself a sales person, a delivery person, even a garbage collector you have no goal. How can you become drug free if you set yourself no goal.

Group therapy focuses on why your drug dealer or user. Well life got... (more)

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Therapy in the back seat

By Inmyredhead, published on Nov 1, 2011

How long as it been since you rode in the back seat of a vehicle at night, and let the world go by?I'm not talking about you and four of your friends cramming in your cousins four door for a midnight McDonald's jaunt. I'm talking about a long comfortable slow ride... a take your time kind of ride. The kind of ride where it's the journey that counts. The kind when you see the sights of an evening in a neighborhood as though you were a child again - how long has it been?How many of you particularly enjoy the voyeuristic peeks into lit interiors of a strangers home, one after the other,... (more)

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On Child Abuse, Therapy, and

By joshuaallen, published on Mar 10, 2011

On Child Abuse, Therapy, and “Blood to a Vampire.”

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

Article first published on

To misquote WC Fields; "Therapy to a Social Worker is like Blood to a Vampire."

Therapy is the number one tool that Social Workers use to assist Abused and Neglected children through the continuing crisis of past and future thoughts, behaviors and feelings that make up the lousy world of a foster child.

It is not always the birth parents that can cause... (more)

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the past follows you

By taking off the mask, published on Nov 28, 2009

theres a pain deep inside. although it trys to hide, its still stuck in your mind. if you see it, close your eyes, its something you would rather not find. it is so alive, but you want it to die, but it stays there on the side. it hunts you down, everytime bringing a frown. its like the color brown; a bunch of colors mixed together but its to late to fix, its all part of its fate. its served on a plate, and no matter how much you hate it, its still there. you try to throw it away, but it wont slip off the plate. you have no choise but to eat it, to deal with it. you feel it slime inside of you.... (more)

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By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 28, 2009

...for writing and meeting writers. I don't want to lose my Broo King crown, so I will be filing pieces more often to retain my throne as most articles and page views of all-time.

 I can talk clearly, but finding the correct words can be tough at times, especially the multi-syllabic ones. (spontaneous, collaboration, smegmatis--these are hard words for me to say this days.) Soon, I will be going to speech therapy.

One phrase has been surprisingly easy to say since the stroke--Fuck You! Some words stay in your sub-conscious unwavering, especially the really important ones.


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To Get the Most from Therapy, Be a Pragmatist

By Tony G. Rocco, published on Jul 19, 2018

A woman once proudly told me that she had overcome her assertiveness issues in group therapy. She spent five years in a group with a member who savaged her, put her down and berated her incessantly, until she learned to stand up and defend herself. It seemed inconceivable to me at the time that someone would need therapy for so long to get help. She must be a real head case, I recall thinking, rather uncharitably.

Little did I suspect then that I would one day exceed that woman's therapeutic tour of duty by a wide margin. It's been 13 and half years and counting. And, if you're wondering,... (more)

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