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So far from God; so close to the United States

By Anastasia , published on Jan 17, 2013

...crime is now the single most serious problem facing Mexico. Americans know, or should know, all about organised crime and Prohibition. Just consider your own history, consider what a leg up the gangsters were given in that brief decade last century when alcohol was banned.

Mexico has had Prohibition for decade after decade, with the results I have touched on above. The monster has grown to unimaginable proportions. Only legalisation will cut it down to size. But who has the courage to take that bold step? Alas, poor Mexico: so far from God, so close to the United States.


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We Cannot Legislate against Lunacy

By Anastasia , published on Dec 16, 2012

...which has particularly strong firearms control. That did not stop Anders Behring Breivik going on a rampage. Now consider another example altogether; consider Switzerland. This is a country whose proportion of gun ownership per capita is among the highest in the world, not far behind the United States. This is a country where almost every adult male is required by law to bear arms. Yet it’s also a country with a particularly low murder rate. Such gun crime as there is mostly involves illegally held arms.

Now I turn my eyes back over the Atlantic. So far as the clamour for gun... (more)

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A Plague in the Heart of America

By Anastasia , published on Jan 12, 2012

...that quickly caught my attention and spurred my intellect.

Sent by a friend who shares my general political outlook, it was a link to a YouTube video, a documentary about the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory and the evolution of political correctness, with particular regard to the United States.

In The World Crisis, his book about the causes and course of the First World War, Winston Churchill, in a particularly memorable simile, wrote that the Germans transported Lenin in a sealed truck like a plague bacillus from Switzerland to Russia. Well, cultural Marxism and... (more)

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