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Fornicate, Bitching and Indiscretion

By Anastasia , published on Feb 24, 2013

“I want to believe”, so says the poster on the office wall of Fox Mulder, the FBI's most eccentric - and gullible – agent. Underneath the words is a flying saucer. “I want to disbelieve”, would be better, under which should be a picture of a naked G-Person. My, my, how shocking it would all be to poor old J. Edgar: his very own Agency has turned into a bare assed joke!

The naked truth, you see, is coming out at last. An Agency that long believed itself above the law has been obliged to face some uncomfortable truths about itself and its more unsavoury practices. Sexual indiscretions... (more)

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Are You Talking To Me?

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 4, 2011

... a phone, laptop, IPad. Their concentration was focused on the device. They were just tapping away while sitting across the table from one another. They barely looked at each other. Talking to each other out loud was just something that wasn't done. I wondered how many of them were actually texting each other as they sat across from one another.

More and more I find that people are spending time actually talking less and less. They spend their time texting, posting to Facebook, contacting people via email. Conversations are short and superficial. There's no way to really know... (more)

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Electric Youth Spurs Modern Love

By KLiedle, published on Feb 12, 2010 flowers and candy.

We were all hormones and innocence and Lost In Your Eyes. Big surprise...

Now, Debbie is Deborah and we barely look up. We twitter, we text, but in many ways—we don’t connect. No one seems to write letters anymore. Even a phone call takes too long. Texting is fast and gets to the point. It’s quickly become the most popular way to communicate because we don't have to touch... heck, we don't even have to speak.

By February 2009, Twitter had reached 7 million unique visitors (Nielsen Wire) By 2009, 72.2% of cell phone users had a... (more)

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