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Austin Ranked #1 Fastest Growing City Four Straight Years

By Abergele Jones, published on Feb 27, 2014

For the fourth straight year, the city of Austin, Texas has been designated by Forbes Magazine to have the fastest growth rate of any city in the United States. In 2013, Austin had a 2.5 percent population growth rate, which was the biggest of any area. In addition, 2013 saw the economy in the Austin area grow by 5.9 percent, which is a marvel in these shaky economic times. However, Austin hasn’t always been this glowing vision of a growth paradise.

The Road to Recovery

When the first tech bubble burst in 2000, Austin was severely impacted. The city was a center of semiconductors, dotcoms... (more)

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Audie Murphy Petition Draws Major VIP Endorsements

By usmc_snco, published on Sep 22, 2013 the governments of Guyana, Nevis and Sierra Leone. In 2000 he was finally honored with a commemorative United States postage stamp as a testament to his status as an iconic figure in American history.

Most recently, the author lead a national campaign to have Audie Murphy awarded the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor, the supreme military honor in the state of Texas. That campaign resulted in Gov. Rick Perry posthumously bestowing Major Murphy the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor this past month.

Perhaps his single greatest honor is having been laid to rest after his... (more)

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Welcome Home, Welcome Back To Texas!

By Scorpion Sting, published on May 13, 2013

Ending back in southeast Texas was no mistake. It was part of the plan after getting a divorce and in the end divorcing the Air Force. If you need to get brought up to speed I suggest you read about the beginning of the journey at The Land Of The Rising Sun and the middle which was Welcome To The Land Of Enchantment and when you are done you will be ready to start here. I'm not going to wait for you tho, I must press on since I must get on with what will probably not be the last chapter, but might be close for now.I grew up in the great state of Texas and will always call it home no matter... (more)

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Behind the Scenes, Living in Misawa Japan

By Scorpion Sting, published on Mar 27, 2013

...very quick processing at the terminal, we grabbed our bags, a taxi, and headed to billeting (dorms the military call transient rooms). The first thing we noticed was how freaking cold it was and the second thing how deserted this part of the base looked. Have I ever mentioned I am from Houston Texas? Where the day I left I was swimming in the back yard with a temperature of low 80's, and now, here, in northern Japan, it was 8 degrees f.? We get to billeting and my sponsor (supervisor who was assigned to get us settled) was waiting to get us set up. We were rather tired, so we napped for a... (more)

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Panthers and Patriots Playoff Picture

By Curly, published on Nov 9, 2011

...enter the playoff picture for the first time since 2009. They are coming off the demoralizing loss to the Abilene Eagles 42-14, which was the game for the Regional Title. This week they come up against the Arlington Bowie Volunteers, who have sat at or around the Top 25 ranked teams in Texas High School Footy this year. In the Division 1, Region 1 rankings Bowie are ranked at 8, ahead of the Panthers at 10. The biggest things the Panthers must do this week is improve their defence. They have been known to score, but their defence can be sketchy, although there were some... (more)

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Beauty In Unlikely Places

By Lumiere, published on Jun 3, 2011

While sitting at a coffee shop, a soft voice politely asked if she could share my table. I obliged by moving over my cup of green tea and my newspaper. The young woman before me was very petite, dressed in a silk suit, and she had the most beautiful sea-green eyes. Immediately she attempted to hide half of her face with her hair, which had noticably been burned. She, having delt with peoples responses to her scars and appearence on a daily basis was waiting for my reaction, so I just smiled at her, "Don't hide your face, your beautiful. Own your beauty."

She sat down beside me a little... (more)

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The Blogger: Voted Person of the Decade

By TonyBerkman, published on Sep 6, 2010

This decade has been marked by turmoil and the rapid pace at which new crisis face us. Despite the challenge, bloggers and the tools that they have enabled, are "the person" of the Decade. They are heroes. If not for bloggers, there would be no Facebook, no Twitter user - bloggers themselves, and no news coming out of countries that were held down by authoritarian rules.

BlogCatalog is organizing a Celebration in the Alamo City to mark the end of this Decade and to recognize the good the positive impact that bloggers represent. As web 2.0 is all about iterating, the event... (more)

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Gulf Oil Spill Over – For Now at Least

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 18, 2010

Imagine your house is on fire and the fire department doesn’t bother to show up for about three or four hours after the fire was reported. Then when the flames have gone away, they pack up and leave – never mind that there are still burning embers in that pile of ash where you used to live.

This is how HRH Obama has handled the gulf oil spill. He didn’t bother to even think about it for almost 40 days and then he decides to get involved when his own supporters begin to question his motives. During the first few days of the crisis, over 30 countries offered their assistance to handle... (more)

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