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Top 5 TV Shows For Sports Enthusiasts

By Jessica Socheski, published on Mar 14, 2014

There is a TV show about pretty much everything these days. For the reality obsessed, there are countless shows on CBS, Discovery and TLC that detail weird addictions, extreme survival challenges and mining for gold in Alaska. For the drama obsessed, there are medical dramas, crime dramas, romantic comedies, period shows and more.

But for the sports obsessed, there are a handful of good shows that are worthy of attention. From reality to fiction to satire, here are five shows that sports fans are watching.

1. Friday Night Lights, NBC (2006-2011)

This small town... (more)

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3 Gridiron Goods for Girls

By Glenn T, published on Sep 6, 2011

...inches and yards. It’s also no secret that the fairer sex is about as interested in this annual revival as their hairy-knuckled counterparts are in Sex & the City, Cosmo or anything Danielle Steele has ever written. But, while there is never a good reason for a man to watch Lifetime television, here are three reasons ladies should tune into a little pigskin:

1. Quality Time. It’s not easy being a man these days. The modern day man is about as useful to a woman as a jock strap (and only slightly more comfortable). Ladies can now do most of the things we used to be able to... (more)

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Grandma’s Teeth in the Bathroom had Eyes!

By charlie nitric, published on Jun 17, 2011

She was the sweetest, most adorable grandmother a little boy could ever wish for. But seriously, couldn’t she have kept those dentures soaking in a glass next to her bed? Nope! Not my funny grandma. For some odd reason, she wanted her pearly whites to nestle overnight in a drinking glass upon a sink in the upstairs bathroom.

The bathroom sat between my room and her temporary room, with my parent’s slumber zone across from us. On the other side of my bedroom wall, where my head and bed rested, grandma’s teeth lurked only 5-feet away. More disturbing, is the fact that she set the false... (more)

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Death by Television

By Anastasia , published on Jun 15, 2011

...all the pressure it resisted, and Griffin duly appeared.

What did we see, what happened? What we saw was a desperately silly little man. There he was, grinning inanely, nervous, evasive, sweating, trembling, ingratiating, hopeless in every way. I can only describe it as death by television. What a favour Hain and his kind would have done the BNP if Griffin had been prevented from appearing. Then he could have depicted himself as a martyr instead of the fool that the world was allowed to see and hear.

The party has never recovered. The breakthrough they expected in the... (more)

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Glee Recap: A Very Glee Christmas

By The Tweeting Quill, published on Dec 10, 2010

Nothing makes singing acceptable quite like the holidays — well, at least McKinley High’s gleeks thought so. In this week’s episode of Glee, the gang tries to help raise funds for a charity by caroling inside the classrooms. This, however, was met with a hostile reception from the students and one really pissed off teacher.

Meanwhile, Sue (Jane Lynch) sabotages the Faculty’s “Secret Santa” by writing her name on all the papers. Unfortunately, Will (Matthew Morrison), Emma (Jayma Mays) and Coach Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) already bought their presents when they learned about the scam.

... (more)

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