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Are You Ready to Join the 3.6 Million Canadians Working from Home? by Michelle Jamison

By Yvonne Wu, published on Jan 29, 2011

...self-employed workers and the other half made up of corporate employees, it's becoming increasingly important for these workers to apply strategies to make working from home an effective and productive work environment.

Working from home or a virtual office is more viable than ever. Technology has paved the way for the non-traditional workplace. Anyone can work just about anywhere providing they have the strategies to make it work. The recent statistics speak to this in volumes.

Although working from home has its distinct advantages as the 3.6 million home workers can... (more)

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The Need to Capture the Moment

By cherry-eyed, published on Jan 29, 2011 capabilities, the line between what is worth documenting and what is not is increasingly blurry. This is especially true with digital media, which, unlike film, allows the user to view photos immediately, delete unwanted ones, and store them cheaply and easily.

If you have the technology on you at all times, well then why not record anything remotely interesting or funny or unique? God-forbid that anything truely noteworthy should happen in front of us without it being captured (alas, an opportunity lost in the age of overnight Youtube sensations). This technology may after... (more)

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Scientists: Smart Meters Are Safe

By Josh Marks, published on Dec 23, 2010


“This investment will place Smart Meters in homes to make our energy bills lower, make outages less likely and make it easier to use clean energy,” President Barack Obama said on February 17, 2009 after signing the bill into law.

Nearly two years later the consumer-level technology is rapidly being installed across the country by utility companies – there are ten million already installed in the United States and two million in California alone. Not to mention the 27 million Smart Meters already installed in Italy and nearly one million in Canada. And the United... (more)

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Electric Youth Spurs Modern Love

By KLiedle, published on Feb 12, 2010 be scary and utterly taboo? Now, it’s become the thing to do. Online, you never have to actually meet people or talk to them face-to-face. You can date from your living room and never leave the couch. You can pick your partner like you pick your kitchen tile. We’re connected to technology, yet removed from each other.

It’s become way too easy to poke fun at how technology’s changed our love lives. MODERN LOVE, the latest episode of the web series, It’s Always Smoggy In L.A. did just that-- hilariously showcasing the pitfalls of modern love.

This year, you ... (more)

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Wii, Mii And Getting Ahead

By KLiedle, published on Jan 20, 2010

When it comes to computers and technology, I can usually figure things out-- mostly out of perseverance. That isn't to say that I necessarily like it or that I'm even close to being technologically advanced. In some ways, it's really gotten irritatingly fast and furious. Damn those printer drivers and software updates that have rendered the "scanner" function of my perfectly good printer useless. (Thanks again, HP!)It was only last year that I finally got an ipod. I do enjoy it, especially for working out and music on the go. Yet, I'm only utilizing a fraction of its memory and I've run out... (more)

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Awestruck by Avatar?

By The Gaming Gentleman, published on Dec 23, 2009

Last week I heard lots said about James Cameron’s new film, Avatar. In several publicity spots, on TV and in the printed press, members of the cast and crew as well as Mr. Cameron himself have been talking at length about the film’s use of 3D technology and how important this event is for the media of film. I wasn’t convinced. I had seen some advertisements for the film and I couldn’t escape the billboards everywhere with 20-foot high blue faces, but something about the publicity drive made me suspect that I would be disappointed if and when I went to see it.

On Friday night I took... (more)

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