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Stand Tall

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Sep 6, 2013

Endless tears

Rivers of regret

Merged with awareness

Which embeds in our soul

Dry your eyes

Stand tall

Move on


Amble on


What can't be


Let it go

Let the healing of

Grace cover

Your soul...

Deliver us

With redemption

To begin


Copyright © 2012 Barbara MacDonald


Tags: learning, tears, sorrow, soul, lessons, new beginnings, deliverance

Tears of Joy

By melanie jean juneau, published on Apr 1, 2013

I have often shed tears of joy. They spring to my eyes unbidden and without warning.When a person cries because of the way they’re feeling, it’s known as emotional tears. Nobody knows exactly why we have emotional tears but one reason might be that they help us release our deepest, feelings, feelings that are often subconscious. Tears are a non-verbal way to release emotions that are non-verbal as well. These emotions are in the ground of our being and connect us to the rest of humanity and God.

When I experience a suddenly, an encounter with the Spirit, tears spring to my eyes. Sometimes... (more)

Tags: women, tears, men, joy

The Gift Of Grace

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Feb 8, 2013

Many times mine eyes have cried

Rivers of tears unending

Sad tears, happy tears, grateful tears

Salty tears which could fill the ocean...

The tears which flow from the heart

Being so much more than salty water

The emanation of the breath of life

The substance dreams are built upon...

Today while walking in this new snow

I lift myself to envision

A diamond placed meaningfully

Demanding my attention...

Bright and sparkling

Beautiful abundant strength

Assistance bestowed... (more)

Tags: gifts, tears, grace, new beginnings, redemption, past yesterday


By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 25, 2012

Time slips away

I know I can not rewind this gift

I cry out to this senseless universe

Longing to hold in my hands

One last moment when life

Was as I knew it

You were here with me...

We never know what time

Will steal from us

We must treasure every second

Speak all the unspoken emotions

Left behind unsaid

Unlittered by this cancerous evil...

If I had known

I'd drench us in joy

Hold every second in

The palm of my hand

Played in all the colors

Drowning us in joy

... (more)

Tags: memories, tears, longing, grief, sadness, friend


By wolfmomma, published on Jun 21, 2012

Tears fall, sliding down the cheek like small torrents of rain. Sadness, deep and wrenching...taking hold of the soul and holding it captive.Loneliness, profound and all encompassing...surrounding the life force in totality.Fear, looming behind the insecurity and haunts me.


Tags: poetry, loneliness, death, tears, daughters, mothers, sad, sadness, mom, mortality, short poems, grieving

Be always there

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 26, 2012

...lead to chaos? Why is she was able to assimilate her tranquil emotions with so much ease?

She spoke. He listened. He looks at her and finds her. He traces her with his eyes and heart and explores her thoughts. He he mesmerized by her soul. She is a gift of life. An honest soul. he tears trickles down from his eyes. She is quite. She is crying too.

With moistened eyes they look at each other wondering why they are crying. He gets up, wipes his tears. He is composed. His eyes remain on her. He is spell bound. In the silence he understands the presence of sacred... (more)

Tags: life, heart break, tears, heart, passion, hope, crying, aspiration, emotion, compose, expectations


By D. Sager, published on Mar 22, 2012

... me away. Finally I came to the end of my chasing. Self destruction, that calling accepted me, pulled me close, and loved me with the hate I was accustomed to. That is where I find myself, scraping back the detritus of conformity, aborted dreams, and superficial survival, playing in the puddle of tears, long ago cried, never again to grace my face with those salty trails. Forcing my mind to comprehend dreams, so difficult a process, full of discouragement, with disappointment a commonplace drama, I breathe. Pushing forward, whatever direction that may be, going backwards seems comforting at... (more)

Tags: undefined, dreams, tears, tragedy, birth, salt, play, stage, abort, clique, conformity, cult, defined, script, trail

The Dust - Apathy in life exposes your cracks

By D. Sager, published on Feb 10, 2012

You see beauty everywhere, your supposed to be happy. Your not.

You see people laughing, your supposed to be a part. Your not.

You see tears falling, your supposed to feel. Your not.

You see prayers offered, your suppose to do that. Your not.

You see life passing, your supposed to do something. Your not.

And worst of all, you just don't care. I mean you really, really, don't care. About anything.

Its a death you feel in every little crack of your soul.

Like dust collecting, its death in the small areas of your life.

But wait you walking... (more)

Tags: sex, death, tears, mental health, happy, soul, abuse, desire, spring, success, substance abuse, lust, dead, pray, voice, quiet, crack, prayers


By D. Sager, published on Jan 12, 2012

I will never be without them, they follow me everywhere, when I feel they have finally gone, with vengeance they find me again. Forcing themselves on me, insisting I acknowledge them. I can scarce resist their efforts, so enduring and persistent they have become. I give them place, being preeminent in my existence, being associated always with me, my companions, never to leave. I entertain them now, with some resistance. I allow them to have their way with me, to work me into submission. As I give way to them, I stand back, in my mind wondering, perhaps this the way I must go, to walk with... (more)

Tags: relationships, tears, missing, alone, acceptance, suffering, self esteem

Angel, Part 6

By D. Sager, published on Jan 11, 2012

Driving her to the club once again, so tired from working all day and watching her all night. We parted with our usual exchange of kisses and hugs. I drove away, looking back at my Angel, her innocent looks were slowly changing, leaving a traces of fear and emptiness. My Angel, I want to take you away from all this. Gathering myself, like I always did when I had to leave her, I drove away slowly. The day I drove away faster than I came to her would be the end. Halfway home, my phone is ringing...its Angel, “Baby, don't come back, I’m staying here.” “What!” I screamed into the phone,... (more)

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