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A letter to a politician on the eve of the Ontario election

By Shane Joseph, published on Jun 16, 2014 Mike the golfer, who in his first term fixed a lot of things and cut out fat, but in his second term indulged in so much excess and wastage that we have spent a generation paying back, and may never pay back. Another second-term (or was it third?) flop was Dalton who promised not to raise taxes during his first election campaign and promptly introduced a medical tax the moment he came into office, to pay for Mike’s excesses, he claimed; he later misused his position with a billion dollar gas plant scandal – another bill that we (or you) may never be able to re-pay. And then there ... (more)

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It's Tax Season: Where Accountants Make Their Money

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Mar 5, 2014

Although the government benefits from these collections, there are other Americans who benefit from this tax time of year as well. Tax accountants are happy to welcome in the New Year—it heralds the beginning of the new tax season. Tax accountants’ appointment books fill to capacity, and tax offices become active, busy places. In the United States, citizens have from January to April of every year to even the score with Uncle Sam’s IRS. So as individuals moan and groan at the thought of tax season, accountants are smiling broadly—counting their money.

Taxman Training and Tithes Perhaps... (more)

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Do we need a black market? We do, for our own good.

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 17, 2012

...the corner store, the handyman, the plumber, the carpenter and an endless list of independent service providers. With small business becoming the fastest growing sector in most economies, is its very growth fuelled by that “extra cash” that did not go into a government coffer called “tax revenue?”

I wondered why this has come to pass. Is it because of the inefficiency in the regulated process, the bureaucracy, the backlog, the biased decision making – all factors that have sent people underground? Have we as buyers and sellers lost faith in the establishment? When... (more)

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