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Profiling People an important part of any business

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 14, 2012

When you have staff, you need to see that the profile of your introduced person to the working environment is important for the work within the business to be effective.

It's true, many businesses will hire staff just on credientals yet it's just not the credientals. When people move jobs it is a stressful period within their lives. It's just the most important part of the business that the business moves forward at each stage.

Some people will have some gifts, other people will be great at research, others will be the friendly warm face that is very important for a business.

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Reporting Crime is not a crime

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 10, 2012

How to uncover corruption?

Many people will see or be affected by corruption at some level at some time. How to uncover it is a daunting question and to expose the evidence.

Where to start?

You may see something that is not correct or within the law. You watch, you document and you notify the authorities.

What I have found by having it in the written form and now with the electronic computer age you can email people from the police, to council, to members of parliament, then State and Federal, you can then email many of the organisations that watch out for corruption.

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How to kick start our subconscious mind?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 27, 2012

Helicopter View.

For the past years, you have been travelling along life’s journey without really knowing for some of you how to achieve more out of life. A fun way to move forward and to change habits to achieve more within your own life is to take the Helicopter ride.

Sit down in a comfortable seat, for some of you it will be a bit of research needed to see a helicopter console, or a ride like at Disneyland where you go in a helicopter and fly over the fields flying high to get over the mountains and seeing the snow on the peaks. Then zooming down into the plains, running... (more)

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Can you keep a Secret? A sales tip!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 21, 2012

...achieve this.

How do the elite sales people break down the barriers. How do you break down the barriers at home even. You ask the person How are you today. The flow of the words are so positive that it sinks straight through to your subconscious mind as nice person.

It's not that hard to break down the barriers when you learn about the Power of the Language. This takes years of experience however today it is just a tad of what you will learn through our TAKe CoNTRoL....

Be a Chainbreaker and utilise the power of the language as a power tool for the old kit bag!


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TAKe CoNTRoL Success story

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 4, 2012

...Nor would she even think about it.

Her daughter read the book and loved it, utilising the psychology within the book. Well, her mother didn't know for a while. This psychology the daughter Tia, utilised for other people and within a little while they were asking for the book "TAKe CoNTRoL".

Tia was amazed at how this type of book had helped her plant the seed within someone's mind without them really knowing. However her mother knew the power of the book and fought tooth and nail to keep the cigarettes. It was amazing, the daughter so positive, yet the Mother... (more)

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Can your subconscious mind help you heal cancer

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 31, 2012

Many people think we utilise all our brain, we only utilise 10% the other 90% we have to unlock. We have to be able to get into this part of our mind to heal ourselves. We are opening up a great vault that can move you from one area of drama in your life to a solution.

My name is Jennifer Stone, I open up the areas of the mind. I can show you too through some of my techniques.

Cancer is not a death sentence, if you think it is...It actually becomes the death sentence. It is just a cell gone wrong in the body to begin with.

Like we get colds when things go wrong with... (more)

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Heal with your mind! TAKe CoNTRoL

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 26, 2012

Thunder down Under

What a name, exactly who I am.

If you have LOvE, LiFE on shaky ground, then you may need to learn how to

TAKe CoNTRoL through different techniques which all can work individually or through the series of books each technique will be talked about in deepth.

Have you felt, life is worthless? Why continue on, if you have hit the wall. Found out you had cancer, and your whole life flashed before you.

Most people at some stage through their lives hit the wall. It maybe the wall of success, it could be never thought it would or could happen... (more)

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Drugs is it a crime? Or is nicotine worse!

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 10, 2012

Why make drugs illegal, when we have our medical system fighting the cause that drugs can do our nation. Crime becomes through the need for drugs is so great when the drug user becomes so compelled to utilise this source of evil or is the next cigarette that is smoked is worse.

Most drug users I have met have had problems in there lives first to become a user, than the feeling of being alive is so hard to break.

The laughter has gone out of the life yet it is a positive move we can put back into the life of drug addicts. The laughter can be the medicine that pushes a person... (more)

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