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Ignorance: The Unknown Weapon

By DKIdea, published on May 7, 2014

... subjects because the damage it will do to our world view is more than we can bare. I say we toughen up, ask the hard questions and accept the cold answers. If we don’t, how can we ever hope to make serious progress or shape a better world for our children?

Look at healthcare. The whole system is designed for making profit, so it shouldn’t be so hard to believe when we hear whispers of our health being given a deliberate back seat to profit margins. I mean, do you really think a pharmaceutical company is going to willingly lose money to make you healthy? People would go to jail for ... (more)

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Drugs send people to the streets? TAKe CoNTRoL

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 19, 2012

...Kings Cross. The disgusting drug barons that lurch away hiding, with a girlfriend in toe is just a normal night in Kings Cross.

The Master as I put it, yet the drugs that go through his hands feed so many. Who is control? The Police that seem to have no control from the Master. The system, these drug barons have other drug dealers and users hiding them at every point through this drug empire that The Master has created.

The Master had started many years ago with a drug dealers of just a few. See the heroin was the problem back then, now the cocaine and the real problem... (more)

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We, The People of India

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 26, 2011

Oh! What a pathetic state we are into. We, the people of India are made to beg. We, the people of India at every point and time encounter corruption. We, the people of India are being tamed mercilessly. We, the people of India are being taken for granted.

Country is is simmering...masses are restless...People are talking...Everybody is so concerned about the state of the country. With scandalous affairs of corrupt individuals, companies and public servants, the country is slipping in to anarchy. Corrupts are amassing wealth over the miseries of common people. Significantly... (more)

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People who receive welfare should be drug tested

By Lartinos, published on Nov 8, 2011

...and it will bring up many questions in your mind. But, lets first talk about what the point of this assistance is for people.

Financial assistance is something that is meant to help people back on their feet, but many people assume it is for lazy people who really don't try. The current system has helped lead many of us in this direction for good reason. At one point my mother was on welfare and that government assistance for my brothers and my mother until she landed her full time job helped us out immeasurably.

It is easy to forget with all the disdain for the current... (more)

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Commitment Hearing

By Kent5, published on Nov 4, 2010

There was a little self-help group with a shabby old office right in the center of town, and I sometimes worked as a volunteer there, answering the phone and doing other kinds of office tasks. Once in a while, we tried to also help people trapped inside institutions when they requested it, and one morning when I was there such a request was phoned in by somebody.

They asked if we could send a volunteer or two to attend a commitment hearing that was going to start in about an hour. Apparently the accused person wanted to have some sympathetic audience members there, for moral support... (more)

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Leaving a Judicial Footprint: California Family Law

By Rushgal, published on Mar 31, 2010

...and provide for more effective and consistent rules, policies, and procedures. Conducted in the formal Judicial Council Conference Room, it was intimidating. Nervous and limited to three minutes, my voice was heard and they were taking notes! Given the current condition of the family court system in Sonoma County, California and throughout our country, revisions are necessary to address fairness and access. The Judicial Council recognized demand for improvement, requested proposals, and appointed the group. More information is available at My message is:

... (more)

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