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Reviewing 'Man Of Steel' (2013)

By jonpercepto, published on Jun 24, 2013

‘Man Of Steel’ directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan is, by far, the best adaptation of Superman I have ever seen. As an origin story, written by David S. Goyer, a lot of time in the beginning of the film is spent exploring Krypton’s culture which appealed to the anthropologist in me. In past adaptations there were large gaps about the planet. Filling in some information adds more to the seventy-five year old mythology. Although a lot of it is new it still fits nicely into Superman Lore, presented with a beautiful score by Hans Zimmer.

The view of Kryptons... (more)

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The Super Man Club

By Rahul, published on May 25, 2013

There is nothing stupid in believing in Superman and starting a fan club for him. There is nothing funny in praising his courageous acts within the club and murmuring his heroic words again and again as if it’s true. But it gets funny when they point finger and laugh at someone from the Batman fan club and start competing with them to prove who the true hero is. And it gets stupid when they start threatening others to join the club who don't even like fiction, all these in the name of an imaginary character whose existence cannot be disproved like million other myths.

Fan clubs are increasing... (more)

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By DLFerguson, published on Mar 8, 2009

...(Billy Crudup) who, like a lot of DC and Marvel characters gains superpowers due to a scientific accident. Ironically, its Dr. Manhattan’s creation that intensifies the Cold War between The United States and Russia. The Russians are kinda spooked that America has a glowing blue superman who can reshape matter and energy on a godlike level. Thanks to Dr. Manhattan and The Comedian/Edward Blake (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) the Vietnam War is won in a week. Both Dr. Manhattan and The Comedian go to work for the U.S. government while other costumed heroes are forced into retirement... (more)

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Did A Comic Book Predict The Omaba Presidency

By freestrike, published on Jan 15, 2009

John Byrne is one of the most popular comic book artists of the past thirty years. He’s responsible for the death and rebirth and the other death and rebirth of Jean Grey, created Alpha Flight (which included comic book’s first gay super hero Northstar) and revamped Superman for DC in the mid 80’s.

He has written some of the most entertaining and controversial stories in comic book history. What is not widely known about him is how his art is often imitated by real life. This phenomenon is known as the "Byrne Curse."

The biggest occurrence of this curse happened... (more)

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The Boycott On "debating" Religion

By Lori, published on Oct 14, 2008

... in spooks! I do believe in spooks!” as if their repetition and urgency will make their spooks real.Would you “argue”—using the processes of formalized debate—the necessary existence of Darth Vader, Hamlet, Paul Bunyan, Shiva, Captain Kirk, Gollum, Oliver Twist, or Superman?If you did, how do you think your listeners would respond? They may simply back away slooooooowly and leave you alone.Imagine a person who says “Luke Skywalker is real! He’s really real! I see him, I talk to him all the time, and this is what he tells me…”Confronted... (more)

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Duh Na. Duh Na.

By slowasigo, published on Aug 31, 2008

...doesn’t typically afford inspiring solos nor dramatic musical interludes. This performance was different. We were performing music by John Williams. As an uncooperative student of classical music, two instruments, and neighborhood beat downs, playing such popular music as Star Wars, Superman and Raiders of the Lost Ark was geek-squad equivalents of dunking a basketball, kissing a cheerleader or owning a car.

John Williams is one of the most prolific composers that you don’t know you know. The two notes from the theme song of Jaws that you sing over and over at a pool ... (more)

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Before The Dawn

By Tyler Langness, published on Jul 22, 2008

...coverage weren't enough, factor in legions of rabid fans when the event release is something of comic book caliber, and disappointment is almost a certainty. Look only so far as some of the more recent releases from major comic book labels and their studio partners - The Incredible Hulk, Superman Returns, Spider-Man 3 - and see that gargantuan efforts made to try and please everyone end up feeling hollow and falling flat.So in the age of oversaturation, the viral marketing campaign and endless stream of buzz surrounding Warner Brothers' The Dark Knight, particularly in light of... (more)

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Iron Man

By DLFerguson, published on May 3, 2008

...become and his desire to be better than what he has been. To leave a legacy other than one of death and destruction. And the wonderful thing about Tony Stark is that he’s just as badass and cool when he’s out of the armor as when he’s in it. He’s not like a Superman or Batman in that their alter egos are radically different from their superhero personas. Tony is a man used to using technology to accomplish his goals and that’s what the armor is: another piece of technology that enables him to save lives instead of taking them. And if you want... (more)

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By DLFerguson, published on Mar 17, 2008

...human beings turn a blind eye to the fact that they have an eating machine swimming around their island. I like how Police Chief Brody is almost a comedic character in a lot of scenes. Roy Scheider brings an amazing amount of humanity and warmth to the character of Brody. He’s not a superman. In fact he’s really not all that good a Police Chief. But he is a good man who wants to do the right thing and he’s willing to put his ass on the line to do it and in the end that’s what really matters. Richard Dreyfuss is outstanding as Matt Hooper and you really get... (more)

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"What One Can"; Or, Self-fulfilling Prophecies Unpacked

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jan 28, 2008

... in order to legitimize what you do and how you do it? This can mean, "work is stressful," in which we tell ourselves that we are so tired we couldn't have possibly done that other thing we needed to do. On the other hand, it can also mean, "Hey -- I have to give myself a break! I see myself as superman/woman and I am having the tendency to slack off because I'm overworked." You are probably doing everything you can and more, sometimes, (while giving yourself a hard time about it because of your unrealistic illusions) and at other times, providing yourself with reasons why you can... (more)

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