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Eternal Love

By Aromal Mukundan, published on Mar 6, 2012

Never since i have seen himStill i am in loveNever been together we haveStill i am in loveI waited till it was eveBut soon had to leaveShe never came But i wont blameI waited till dawn And then was goneHe was seen no whereNot eve a single glareI know i will love herAs long as i liveFor i am the day And she is the night


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By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Dec 14, 2011

What happened, that first time,

To those first humans? The bright light

In the dark sky, fading, being eaten

As if by some mad god, gone from sight,


What did he or she think

Would happen next? The mad god

Laughing at their fear, or worse,

Taking them out of life itself,


Into some neverland, obliteration

For all is inevitable, this is a sign?

Or, was it something altogether new,

A visitation from probability’s origins,


Launching all who dwell upon these shores

Into... (more)

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What has been broken cannot be fixed

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Dec 4, 2011

It is possible things began at the atomic level

Before achieving an organic exchange

Leading to the unique ability

To cast images and voices through the air

Like so much pollen, an apt metaphor, I suppose,


And it may indeed be likely the demarcation

Occurred during a hiccup, or a dream

Of falling, perhaps, or merely the fear

A mother felt about this change inside her,

And things, beginning to form, altered course.


What was straight is thus bent,

What whole is made unwelcome.

All things... (more)

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