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The Summer Rain

By Rahul, published on Nov 19, 2013

It began to rain at last,

after a long summer fast.

Wetting dirt, filling hearts

with each cooling drop.

The sun peeked through,

the dark painted smoke.

Painting a piece with -

its seven colour stock.

The valley brought to life,

as the river start to grow.

The wilted greens bellow,

danced in the rain’s mellow.

The elixir of life touched earth,

ending the latent summer and -

life rose out to the crust, to

a new beginning and to life.


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Lucky Bastards

By Annie44, published on Mar 3, 2013

My dad and his father slapped together a few boards and called it a cabin on the island where I spent my childhood summers. Actually it wasn’t even much of an island considering it was landlocked most of the year. Only a few weeks each winter when the deluge came did it pretend to float.

Supposedly it is 65.5 miles from our Seattle digs to the glorified shack. Funny how that calculation lingers in my head after all these years. I can still hear my dad say, “Won’t be long now kids…it’s exactly one hour door-to-door.” As I grew up and was able to test his theory personally, I found that... (more)

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How to get off drugs, the drama's and the pain.

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jul 8, 2012

Late Summer

Situated amongst the many terrace houses in Darlinghurst is a clinic, it’s a renovated terrace house. The staff there assists the homeless to get housing, and they help them get back into mainstream society. They also give vitamins to the down-and-out’s who want them. The clinic also has shower facilities for people to use. It might seem strange to some however, many of the homeless have resided themselves to living a life on the streets. The clinic was their home away from home. They were happy enough to use the showers, and take the vitamins that were freely available.... (more)

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Ode to the month of June

By Cielo, published on Jun 25, 2012 being… it lives in me.

I believe each month possesses its own music; its own rhythm, just as each soul possesses the corresponding tempo and measure. And the illusion of a mystical place of spiritual repose, the stillness, peace, refreshment, delight… and where would I go and what would I see and do when freedom be no more?

Summers are but an abrupt epiphany here—so like life itself; brief and snappy, and what is the gain of bringing up to mind the fruitless days of winter when dancing in summer’s midst?

Fear… it is that ancient fear of losing Paradise.


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The Gift of Summer

By Randy Mitchell, published on May 31, 2012 to ones face and they definitely do mine, but I’ve also learned that weather can have a humongous impact on an individual’s emotional outlook, giving many a needed boost after the depressing effects of grey skies among bone-chilled winters. And for me, and many others, the warmth of summertime has always been natures aphrodisiac.

I’ve loved summer ever since I was a kid, and each year I count off the months till the feel of long days and steamy nights caresses my bones and moistens my skin. When I was young, it was that wonderful period each year away from school, when... (more)

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8 Great Summer Dates

By cherry-eyed, published on Jun 5, 2011

...Gardens. The biodomes of Brooklyn Botanical are great for making out in relative secrecy.

5. Go to an Improv Show; They're short, cheap, serve beer, and often quite funny. UCB Theater and Magnet Theater are personal favorites.

6. Movie on the lawn of Bryant Park; HBO Summer Film Festival. Bring wine and cups (and don't forget [as I did] a bottle-opener :)

7. Play Ping-Pong (or pool); Chuck some wood while listening to live jazz at Fat Cat.

8. PS1/5 Pointzin Long Island City. Graffiti and modern art across the street from one another. Saturday Warm-Up ... (more)

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Life's a Beach!

By randomjo, published on Apr 4, 2011

A beach town is a beach town.

It's allure is part of the inevitable let down.

The brightest do their best to to burn what is left of the meaningful discourse in the hearts of men far more sincere yet less tan.

Where almost every man comes to taste the salt of the earth or at least on the skin of the beautifully dim. Come on, take a swim in the waters of superficial.

Yes, it's official this is where everyone comes to show off, blow off some steam and persue their dreamof fun in the sun with the not the right one, but the right one for now.

Yes, you'll still... (more)

Tags: ugly, summer, beach town, beach, tan, judgement_judgemental, shallow, low tide, pretty, superficial

Whispers, Listening to Whispers

By Frank - icare2be, published on Oct 28, 2010

...crisp winterymorn as I walked ot school.

Drumming of rain drops falling on the tin roofon a rainy spring morning.

Gurgling water rushing over the rocks and tree branchesin the stream near our farm in Upper Michigan.

Warm gentle breezes that brush across my face on alazy summer morn.

Warm cuddly hugs received from Mom as I prepare to leave the house.

Whispering: listening to whispers.Whispering memories, memoriesWhispering; Life is passing by.

Originally written: June 16, 1995

I love the change of seasons and the anticipation of the... (more)

Tags: fall, life, autumn, winter, summer, whispers, spring

Eternal Longing

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 4, 2010

I long for past summers Summers filled with hikesHikes through wild fields Fields of wind swept wonderWonder of a world unknownUnknown loss of innocenceInnocence replaced by knowledgeKnowledge that leads to longingLonging for past summers


Tags: aging, memories, summer, longing

My Best Friend Summer

By taking off the mask, published on Dec 18, 2009

Summer approaches

she wraps her arms around me

I feel her warm sun beam on my skin

her rays kiss my face

and I feel somehow safe

I am not longer afraid of winter

turning me blue

or making me stay indoors

and giving me the flu

no, not anymore

summer is here

she whispers gently into my ear

with her soft breeze

telling me secrets

which no one else can hear

she is my friend

I can always depend on her

to come and take winter away

and give me sunny days

summer also... (more)

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