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Travel Like you mean it!

By Steve Gillick, published on Apr 17, 2013

Most of us are familiar with the command to “do as I say, not as I do”, that is oftentimes the refuge for people in authority (parents, government leaders, bosses etc) who engage in questionable behaviour or practices, while at the same time demanding a different standard from their peers and underlings. And there is also the personal application to this ‘rule’, best illustrated in the classic scenario where a retail manager sees one of his salesmen arrive at work with a dour, sour, glum-faced expression. The salesman maintains this ‘stay-away-from-me’ look on his face throughout... (more)

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Six Hearts and Counting: Food, Travel and ... Fairuz

By Steve Gillick, published on Mar 8, 2013

A friend mentioned a Middle Eastern grocery store that sells fresh baba ghanoush, olives, pita and hummus. Having spent some time in the Middle East, I was curious and as soon as I entered the store I was transformed back to my journeys in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Tunisia and Turkey. The unique smells of the food and pastries wended their way through my mind and vivid flashbacks of exploring each of those countries popped into my brain like flashbulbs and stirred up my endorphins to no end! But the crowning moment in this journey of the senses came when I was chatting with one of the staff... (more)

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Son of Scam: Travel Scams We Know and Love, Part Two

By Steve Gillick, published on Feb 1, 2013

... home memories and photos, instead of a dent in your wallet, your confidence and your willingness to explore again. And me? I’ve explored 68 countries and over 540 destinations. I can hardly wait for the next opportunity.

And yes, I have been scammed a few times.

Steve Gillick is the author of two booklets (now sold out) on Travel Scams: ‘Defining Travel Common Sense’, and ‘Son of Scam’. Aside from authoring a column for five years on Scams, Steve has been a featured speaker at conferences on travel safety, as well as appearing in newspapers, radio... (more)

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Travel Scams We Know and Love

By Steve Gillick, published on Jan 11, 2013

... meeting new people. There are just too many scenarios where a traveller who has known a friendly local for less than 5 minutes, decides to put their total trust in the person and the results are sometimes disastrous.

Stay tuned for Part Two: “Travel Scams We know and Love”

Steve Gillick is the author of two booklets (now sold out) on Travel Scams: ‘Defining Travel Common Sense’, and ‘Son of Scam’. Aside from authoring a column for five years on Scams, Steve has been a featured speaker at conferences on travel safety, as well as appearing in newspapers, radio and... (more)

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Don't Dismiss the Bliss of Travel

By Steve Gillick, published on Dec 4, 2012

Supreme, or perfect happiness. Utter Joy. Contentment. These are the popular dictionary definitions of ‘bliss”. And there is nothing profound in saying that bliss is in the heart and soul of the beholder.I have alluded in past articles to the fact that I ‘bliss out’ when I find masks during the course of my travels. But that is not all! Here be it told that I am also a bibliophile—a lover of books and bookstores and I will usually spend some time perusing the shelves in whichever city I happen to be visiting. There are the legends, of course. In my search for bliss, no visit... (more)

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Tourist or Traveller : How elitist would you like to be?

By Steve Gillick, published on Oct 7, 2012

I was intrigued to receive an email recently where, under the signature, there was a presumably rhetorical question: “Are you a tourist or a traveller?” It is an interesting question but perhaps not as rhetorical, as it is misguided or on the wrong track.

Tourists were in steerageMind you, I used that tourist vs. traveller reasoning quite a lot when I started travelling the globe in the 1970’s. I felt that I had ‘graduated’ from experiencing package coach tours, to joining adventure travel groups, and then moving on to make my own plans to explore South... (more)

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Review of Shane Joseph’s Novel, The Ulysses Man

By Steve Gillick, published on Aug 16, 2012

...the ultimate dream of a happy, family-based, secure life in Canada. If home is where the heart is, then Joseph’s novel, takes us on the spellbound road of discovery to this ideal.


Steve Gillick, president of is a travel writer, columnist and blogger who specializing in destinations, the movement of people from one country to another and the psychographics of why people make the journey in the first place.

... (more)

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If you wish to be a travel writer, then write!

By Steve Gillick, published on Aug 14, 2012 confusing and difficult to get around on the bus tour, but when we had some free time on the second day, we found that it was easy to walk from one place to another and in fact, the city had shrunk in size.

My article was published and I read it 40-50 times, thinking that me—Steve Gillick—was a published writer! And perhaps this was the feeling of travel-writing-euphoria that lay the groundwork for my love of writing. So when I worked at summer camps, I wrote for the newsletter; when I worked for a tour company, I started a newsletter, and later when I worked for a travel... (more)

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Pining for Algonquin

By Steve Gillick, published on Aug 10, 2012

The mystical strain of a loon’s cry is only one of the magnetic draws of Algonquin Park, nestled on the cusp of central and northern Ontario, about three hours drive from Toronto. The sensory appeal of this escape from routines, schedules, the city and stress has been luring me to return, time and time again over the past forty years. Sometimes it’s a pilgrimage to my favourite rocky outpost on Smoke Lake to read a book, reflect and listen to the noises of silent solitude of the lake, trees and birds. Sometimes it’s a drive to the Visitor Centre, about 25 miles past the west entrance of... (more)

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Maximum Lima!

By Steve Gillick, published on Aug 7, 2012

It is often said that quantity is not quality, but if you can mesh the two terms together, the result can be memorable. Our first day in Lima was one of those “fill in every minute with experiences”-type days, and allowed us to totally immerse ourselves in the destination, which is exactly what we wanted to do.Technically, aside from landing at Jorge Chavez International Airport at 6:30 am, we spent the day in the Lima suburbs of San Isidro, Miraflores and Barranco. After an all night flight from New York, with little sleep, we landed on time, went through passport control quickly, and despite... (more)

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