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Go to the People? Tom, are you kidding?

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 18, 2013

I recently read an article by respected journalist and author Thomas L Friedman in which he advocates that the incoming Secretary of State break all the rules of diplomacy, leverage social networks and go direct to the people of foreign states, and have them agitate for change over the heads of their leaders. At first thought, this looked like a breakthrough idea; then I got nervous when I considered the consequences.

I have been a great fan of Mr. Friedman, reading most of his books and articles. I admire his travels through hostile regions of the world and his powers of observation.... (more)

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Reporting Crime is not a crime

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 10, 2012

...may see something that is not correct or within the law. You watch, you document and you notify the authorities.

What I have found by having it in the written form and now with the electronic computer age you can email people from the police, to council, to members of parliament, then State and Federal, you can then email many of the organisations that watch out for corruption.

By having it in the written format you have some trace, some acknowledgement that you have notified people and who. As it appears where the high level of corruption is noted that many of the people... (more)

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From the Top of the Hill to the Top of California Baseball

By Jeff Weisinger, published on May 24, 2010

... that, minus a few mistakes here and there, could have won the Coast Conference Pacific title for a second straight season, but fell just short. However, looking back on all of it now, does that really matter? I mean, they did beat eventual conference champion Canada in April (let alone won the State title).

But once the postseason began, it just seemed right that the team that stayed "even-keel" with the cool, calm and collected attitude ended up winning the war. Proven resilient in the Regionals against Modesto and even tougher against rival Chabot in a Super Regional final that... (more)

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The Bowl Half Full

By Eric Karlan, published on Dec 10, 2009

When the announcement that everyone expected was finally spoken, just about everyone who was listening from Idaho to Texas to, well, everywhere in the United States, uttered the same exasperated sound: "UGH!" Any noise that varied from this syllable probably conveyed some combination of expletives.

Every year, when officials announce the pairings for the five Bowl Championship Series games, the nation shares a collective moment of disappointment. Feeling cheated by the BCS system has evolved into a kneejerk reaction for sports fans across America. Like breathing and sleeping, it just... (more)

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