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You: Stable and Strong

By Cynthia Occelli, published on Mar 31, 2011

...good they feel exuberant, invincible and can even become self-aggrandizing or haughty. On the ego's winds of superiority they soar.

When life turns or appears to go badly, they feel vulnerable, victimized, terrified or angry. They blame others or situations for their state.

Stability comes from knowing your power to control your mind and choosing the emotional middle path.

Instead of becoming overexcited and ecstatic when something wonderful happens, accept it as a part of life and look for ways to turn your fortune into another person's good. Resist thoughts... (more)

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By Cynthia Occelli, published on Mar 31, 2011

Imprisoned within the walls of unhealthy competition, criticism, self-doubt and insecurity, are crowds of people waiting for some illustrious person, authority or event to choose them.

For some, a love interest holds the jailhouse key. For others it's a career opportunity, title, status, money or accolade. The prisoners believe that being chosen will prove their talent, loveability or enoughness. They are certain that happiness is on the other side of being picked.

Who or what must select you for you to finally feel good enough, successful or complete?

No one... (more)

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