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Which side to support, Palestine or Israel?

By Rahul, published on Nov 29, 2012

...of the concern for human lives or is it because of one particular religion involved in it. If they say it is for the sake of human lives only, I will call them liars because few years back a brutality much worse than this happened in a small island which lies to the south of our nation, Sri Lanka (26-year military campaign ended in 2009). There was no just in the massacre that took place there and the government that did it is still ruling that country, no slogans or cries were heard from (except from the Tamil people) the now so called humanitarians at that time, is it because it... (more)

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Nazi Sponsored Expediton found Vaisravana Statue not Buddha

By dchaitanya, published on Oct 4, 2012

... vimana’ presented to him by Lord Shiva, which was subsequently taken away from him by his male cousine ‘Ravana Brahama’ and also his Golden city called Alakapuri, build by Divine Sculptor Viswakarma was also taken away by him and that was subsequently called as Lankapuri, the present day Sri Lanka. Later ‘Vaisravana’ shifted towards north side and built ‘Alakapuri’ that probably could be somewhere in the region of Himalaya Mountains or present Chinese Central Asia in Xinjiang province or near by its places, when the entire sub-continent was unified as one.

Next coming to ... (more)

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Review of Shane Joseph’s Novel, The Ulysses Man

By Steve Gillick, published on Aug 16, 2012

...witches and more. So a modern day Ulysses is a just analogy for someone who is trying to return to the concept of ‘home’ while encountering a succession of obstacles that seem to make the journey impossible.

The main character of Joseph’s novel, Martin James is brought up in Sri Lanka with his sister, brothers, family and friends. Slowly the family fabric unravels enough to cause James to seek a new start in life, along with his friends Christo and Bandu.

James’ life in Canada bounces back and forth from waves to troughs to waves as he gets involved with women,... (more)

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Habarana Highlights

By Steve Gillick, published on Jul 29, 2012

I first visited Sri Lanka in 2005 and when I returned in 2011, I found that it's still a wonderful experience of smiling people, culture, history, tastes, smells, sights and discovery. While every one of my seven days in the country was packed with experiences and activities, the two days in Habarana were possibly the most impressive.Habarana lies in the centre of Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle where a number of fascinating attractions can be reached by car, usually within an hour, including Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla and Minneriya National Park. While we did not see Anuradhapura... (more)

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UK to oppose Sri Lankan bid to host Commonwealth summit

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 27, 2009

British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has finally made it official. The British PM has raised "real concerns about Sri Lanka's bid" to host 2011 Commonwealth summit. The 60th Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, being held in Port of Spain starts on Friday where one of the key issues will be the choice of the 2011 venue.

Sources close to the PM's office voiced his concerns about the way the Sri Lankan government handled the recent war and the impact on civilians. "We simply cannot be in a position where Sri Lanka - whose actions earlier this year had a huge impact on civilians, leading... (more)

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Sri Lanka: Reuniting the Island

By Foreignpolicyer, published on Jul 22, 2018

Five years before Hezbollah, ten years before Al Qaeda and Hamas, and 15 years before the Taliban, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was founded in the northern tip of Sri Lanka in 1976.

Although never garnering the same level of international publicity as the various Islamic extremist groups, the LTTE was arguably one of the most ruthless terrorist organizations in the world during its nearly 30-year-long conflict with the Sri Lankan government. Indeed, the LTTE pioneered tactics that have since been adopted by the Taliban and Al Qaeda, such as equipping suicide bombers with... (more)

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