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When A Minute Encompassed Eternity

By melanie jean juneau, published on Feb 5, 2014

I feltempty, despondent with all inner resources depleted.

A mere shell.

Yet deeper than the despair

Existed a spark of yearning, an ache of hope that was nonverbal, even preverbal

A common yearning in all humanity.

Unexpectedly, a mere glance

slipped silently into the dark cave within me

Like a wisp of smoke suddenly bursting into flame

s if the dry litter in my heart was merely tinder, feeding this ethereal fire.

A surge of heat surged through my inner self,

Seeping into my muscles, soothing my mind.

Calming my... (more)

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Icons: No Longer Relics of the Past

By melanie jean juneau, published on Aug 5, 2013

I have fallen in love with icons. Looking at them is not like appreciating a great painting; there is a spirit to Spirit connection that occurs. Painted in prayer, saturated with the Holy Spirit, a wordless flow of the love, light and most especially and an energizing joy fills my soul as God Himself blesses me as I meditate on them. I simply open my heart, soul and spirit to the icon. It is powerful and direct; the perfect way to connect with God when I am exhausted. God is in charge as I let go of mental logic and control and allow the Spirit of the Lord Himself to minister... (more)

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Break the Silence

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jul 31, 2013

"The Catholic norm of silence about a relationship with God, about Jesus Christ and his story, about our own stories of following Christ, and about the need for everyone to decide whether or not he or she will follow as a disciple is stifling the emergence of a culture of discipleship and all that flows from it."

Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell:

To break out of the bondage of silence, people often need a mentor to help them reach out to the light, to God and to the community of disciples. Catholics are reluctant to articulate their personal relationship to... (more)

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Unlocking Forbidden Knowledge

By jonpercepto, published on May 27, 2013

From a philosophical point of view, nothing is forbidden. The word itself implies that something is prohibited because a higher authority in a position of power over others has deemed it so. Historically, monarchs, dictators and religious leaders of repressive patriarchal regimes have kept the masses, especially women, from access to knowledge and education solely to maintain ignorance and control their role in society. The male and female principal, when balanced, creates the strongest union of human potential. Regrettably, there hasn’t been enough equilibrium between them, and as... (more)

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Humour and the Dark Night of the Soul

By melanie jean juneau, published on May 25, 2013

While on a journey to visit one of her convents, a donkey threw St. Theresa of Avila into a stream of freezing cold water. Standing in her water-logged, heavy habit, she yelled at God,

“If this is how you treat your friends, no wonder you have so few!”

The spiritual journey is intense and hard but if we keep a sense of humour, don’t take ourselves too seriously and stop meddling in God’s business, the journey becomes much easier. A friend of Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk, once asked him if it was possible to tell if a another person had truly undergone inner transformation.

... (more)

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Rampant Atheism and a Lack of Spirituality

By Ely North, published on Mar 11, 2013

...improved our quality of life far more than religion – with its thousands-year-old tradition of dependence on invisible superior beings – ever could. No surprise then that so many people today side with science and mockingly scoff at religion.

If you want to awaken the latent spirituality of these atheistic types, you need to stimulate the interest of their rational minds. Don’t ask them to have faith in some unseen being whose existence can be doubted – they’ll never do it. Instead, offer them spiritual guidelines that they can apply in real life. Appeal to... (more)

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Book Review: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

By Ely North, published on Dec 31, 2012

...mainstream spiritual traditions that surrounded me, for they were laden with dogma and morality. I refused to be indoctrinated with a set of beliefs to be blindly accepted and followed, and I questioned the idea that God would smite me if I disobeyed his commandments. To me, this type of spirituality was unnatural, and I resisted it with my entire being. I soon became suspicious of all spiritual pursuits, so I sealed the door to my soul and embarked on the perverted lifestyle already described.

But the universe has a way of bringing us exactly what we need in the precise moment... (more)

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Morphic Fields - New evidence of interconnectedness

By Alethea, published on Apr 22, 2012

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is causing a ruckus in the science world. He has done work at Cambridge University as well as Harvard, and is no doubt a smart man. So why has he caused such an uproar within the scientific community and with skeptics?

Morphic resonance and causative formation. I'll translate for you.

Fields, like magnetic fields, are regions of influence that extend beyond matter. They are physical, but not material. Based on fields, a morphogenetic field guides the form of organisms and other energy components. For example, if a section of a growing embryo is removed, the... (more)

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Spiritual Abuse: Darkness You Can Feel

By Thom Hunter, published on Feb 3, 2012

"Some think to call a terrorist a terrorist is too harsh; Jack the Ripper a criminal worthy of death too un-redemptive, and this letter to you lacking love. For the naive, when you have crossed their path they will be wiser, and I pray for their protection."

-- Ronnie W. Rogers,

Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Norman, Oklahoma,

December 9, 2009

When I was a little boy in the days after my father left us, I did my best to follow my older brother wherever he went, at least in his pre-motorcycle days when all it took was tennis shoes and determined stalking. We lived... (more)

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Saving the planet one soul at a time

By Skipper, published on Jan 20, 2012

Recently there’s a lot of doomsday talk in the media; the environment and the economy especially seem to be deteriorating, at an increasingly rapid rate. There are many reasons offered for these two great concerns: the Occupy movement blames systemic income inequality, and David Suzuki blames environmental degradation on lackadaisical regulation by governments and large, insufficiently regulated corporations. What’s interesting is how closely tied these two Great Problems facing our world actually are. And the source of these has little to do with us as individuals and much more to do with... (more)

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