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The Better Song

By Glenn T, published on Jun 7, 2009

...of his size. I saw how music could turn a simple gathering in a party, and turn awkward first meetings of strangers into steamy rendezvous. Of course, it wasn't just any music that could do this, but the right music. And so the axiom originally opined by Stan Lee in 1962 (via the Amazing SpiderMan) once again proved true for the disc jockey: with great power did come great responsibility. For just as a DJ could magically make a party, he could also irreparably kill one. I was hooked, and before too long I was collecting music as fast as my limited budget would allow, and beginning... (more)

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A Time For Cheers, A Time For Tears

By Glenn T, published on Aug 13, 2008

...visual display I have ever seen. So much so, that I hardly gave its $300 M price tag a second thought. Who can put a price on the greatest spectacle of the modern era? I mean, it cost the same money to film "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" and nearly as much ($258M) to film "SpiderMan 3". Now which two of those three would you categorize as a "waste"? Besides, in case you were wondering how amazing something would have to be to make you forget decades of human rights abuses, now you know. What's more, I'm well aware that I'm being pandered to with all the "Athlete ... (more)

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America's New Game: Fantasy Picks For Batman 3

By Crowbar, published on Aug 6, 2008

...ruined the franchise in the past?

Sure, The Dark Knight was one of the best adaptations of the popular DC Comics character ever. Sure, the haunting portrayal of the Joker by Heath Ledger helped launch this movie into the mega blockbuster region only previously reserved for Star Wars, Spiderman, and Titanic. But should there be another Batman movie?

The Dark Knight will go down into the history books as being the second highest grossing movie of all time, probably pushing over the 500 million mark when it completes its run. On top of that, it will probably gross another 400 ... (more)

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Iron Man Soars Under Marvel's Control

By Crowbar, published on May 3, 2008

...long hot lazy days of summer are around the corner and you yawn because a slew of overcharged superhero movies have invaded the cinema again.

Didn’t we do this last year? You say, in the summer of disappointments.

You remember having hopes.

Wasn’t Spiderman 3 supposed to be good? Weren’t you waiting to find out the truth about Captain Jack Sparrow? Didn’t you wait in anticipation for that silver streak to pass overhead and alight childhood memories of doom-bringing planet devourers?

The truth is last summer was... (more)

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Summer Blockbuster Movie Quiz

By Venditto, published on May 4, 2007

...c. Frodo Baggins d. Neo 9. Composer John Williams won Academy Awards for Original Score in all of these blockbusters but one: a. Superman b. E.T. c. Jaws d. Star Wars 10. According to world wide grosses of $806,700,000 this film is the highest grossing comic book based movie EVER! a. Spiderman b. Spiderman 2 c. X2 d. Men In Black BONUS QUESTION Sylvester Stallone was once a superbadass and King of the Blockbuster! This year he came out with a new Rocky movie and he has a new Rambo movie in the works. So honoring him and his ass kickery I want you to read the following quotes... (more)

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Summer Sequel Bonanaza Begins Tomorrow

By Charles Harmison, published on May 1, 2007

The highly anticipated release of Spiderman 3, tomorrow marks the beginning of the summer of the sequel. Only one of the twelve sequels due out this summer and one of six, third installments, Spiderman 3 has the jump on the competition with its release in early May. Most of these releases represent franchises that more often than not exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars in world wide distribution for the precedent movies. There are even a couple returns to the screen that nobody expected as well as those that just won't seem to die in both senses of the term. The genres of the releases... (more)

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Summer Movie Preview 2007: The Rise of the Sequels

By Crowbar, published on Apr 11, 2007

... issues, so onward with the movie previews! Caution: This is no way a complete list of summer movies, just what I have been able to find and the most noteworthy. So don’t hate me if this summer movies suck! May: The summer always begins in May, and the first blockbuster out the box is Spiderman 3 on May 4th. The third installment is directed by Sam Raimi and still holds the original cast. Spiderman 3 shows a lot of promise for keeping to its high box office revenues, but the danger in the third release is that it is overloaded with plots and sub plots with three villains, a new love ... (more)

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Why Batman is THE Man

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 7, 2007

...Dark Knight" comics of recent years have brought out this side of Batman a little more. Having a mysterious, unknown personality makes him more interesting. Superman is about as interesting as a Dr. Phil marathon on TV. 3.) Batman fights the best villains. Superman has Lex Luthor. (lame), Spiderman has the Gremlin (isn't that a car?) while Batman has a long list of legendary evil people to battle, like the Joker, the Penguin, the Cat woman, the Riddler, Mr. Freeze, the Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, the Scarecrow and King Tut. Can anyone even tell me one of Wonder Woman's or The... (more)

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You can't take a vacation from Paranoia..

By Hunter Addams, published on Mar 20, 2007

...scanner (now they have two of your fingers on file), and a locker door pops open. If you go over the free hour, you pay the difference when you return. What most people may not take into account is that the line for most of these rides pushes to the better part of an hour. We did this for Spiderman and The Mummy rides, both of which we got back for our bags with no more than 7 minutes to spare. Had we actually bought something (because, the exit of the ride feeds into the store with the merchandise for that ride), the line to pay for our new souvenirs would have definitely pushed us... (more)

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The Great Chocolate Experiment

By Dr. Traci Vujicich, published on Mar 6, 2007

...the couch asking, "Mom, can you hand me the remote" despite the fact that it was three feet from her, and I was in the kitchen doing dishes. The baby was playing with his chew toys. My husband was watching CNN in bed while reading The Daily Breeze, and the four-year-old was playing with her Spiderman toys. Or so I thought. Walking down the hallway, I spied my four-year-old standing in the bathroom, with her cheeks puffed out like a hamster. There was chocolate all over her face (as well as a very guilty look), and it didn't take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that she had some kind of... (more)

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