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What the police allegedly miss? In the Cross Fire

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 14, 2012

Email to the Prime Minister of Australia, 11 August 2012

For some of you from around the world Australia and USA have many clubs in Kings Cross and USA the same for Australia the pinnacle was The Pink PussyCat Club in Darlinghurst Road.

Our own legal system is only as good as our system and policing. In the Royal Commission 1994 Justice Woods wasn't given the full evidence and allegedly this full evidence allowed the hidden problem to exist, and murders allegedly to go unsolved.

Many of our legal laws allow the police don't or wont investigate this part of the law within... (more)

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Have you got money in your roof? Well I don't!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 6, 2012

GDP.....How the economy of all countries is affected by the black market.

Within Australia we have allegedly a $12 billion a year black market which affects our economy and trading with other countries.

Much of the drug users and drug dealers allegedly are being supported for a habit on the unemployment and sickness benefits. Some allegedly single mothers working within the sex industry allegedly will be dealing drugs and making money.

Does it sound right? VICE, Take Your Vice Over is the new slogan we will hear, yet it has been around for a while where illegal activity... (more)

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By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 23, 2012

MiraclesAre they realWe wonder whyWho is there when we need help

A miracle calling a miracle

We wish, and wish upon a starOur calls for help, or just to plan for a wish for othersA miracle occurs

Having a dream could it be a wish

Wish thou our wish scares us we need a miracle

Going to sleep with a thought in our mind and hope in our heart

Has somene heard our callsHave we worked towards our own Miracle

A miracle calling a miracle

Is it just a MiracleHave we been given an answerHave we been given our wishIs it because we have called the... (more)

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The Sting.......Madame X wants to marry YOU

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 21, 2012

...children grow up into beautiful strong lovely human beings with passion and hearts.

To endure the ups and the downs of life that we have remembered so much in the last twelve months.

Our life has been written about in my books, Life is Zany!, Plum Crazy! now World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers. Find the books on Amazon under my writing name Jennifer Stone

As many of you will know or recognize the boats name Plum Crazy is a great way of explaining our whole life. Yet life is just one door opening and another and another.

Miracles happen and in this last year we... (more)

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Do you need an icebreaker?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 7, 2012

...are programming sex into their plans for a night in Kings Cross. Yet it seems many think about the rest of the evening first, well I will put you guys in the picture.

You can plan for SEX first…you can put your whole night of entertainment with one of the Sex Queens of the X, Sparkling Chandeliers the World Famous Brothel.

Well we are the secret hidden brothel that once I believe was owned by The Ultimate Boss of the Cross. It appeared that the Pink Pussycat Club was right beside this Club. We were the club for the discreet man about town in the 1970’s. The refined... (more)

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Behind the scenes, going undercover.

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 31, 2012

Background about

In the Cross Fire

The uncovering of significant evidence, is the most significant part of this series of books The Kings Cross Sting. How we found the evidence, how the evidence fell into the story, well you have to start right at the beginning.

A few people, may think they recognize themselves however the story is in the author’s mind they say. I have dreamt, visualized, the information. Maybe even manifested to come to the surface. With mediation on the various images have been worked on searching for the answers.

Many of these images have not... (more)

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