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Manuel Buencamino: The truth behind China's nine-dash map

By Nei Brandon Bautista, published on Apr 30, 2012

Even Jose Maria Sison, founder of the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines, calls Communist China's claim to Panatag Shoal a historical absurdity: “Chinese historical claims since ancient times amount to an absurdity as this would be like Italy claiming as its sovereign possession all areas previously occupied by the Roman Empire."

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Chairman Joma Sison are of one mind on the issue. In response to a self-serving position paper where the Red Chinese Embassy claimed "Huangyan Island (China's name for Panatag Shoal) has been the traditional fishing... (more)

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Save the date, says global Filipino group: May 11

By Nei Brandon Bautista, published on Apr 27, 2012

NEW YORK - Loida Nicolas Lewis, national chair of a Filipino-American good governance organization, on Thursday called on Filipinos around the world to hold rallies in front of China’s embassies and consulates on May 11 to protest its recent aggressive encroachments on the Philippines’ Scarborough Shoal.

Her call quickly drew positive responses from an initial batch of Filipino groups in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and Australia.

China considers the Scarborough Shoal, located 124 nautical miles from the Philippines’ Zambales province, to be its “inherent territory” even though... (more)

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